The PathFinders

Pathfinders Seeks to tell Stories of great individuals who grew from nothing to become a Hero. Our Reality TV Shows features this great ICONS. We focus on inspiring Nigeria Young Entrepreneur, Create Business Opportunities and helping the Business Grow faster and stronger thereby adding values to the economy

The Pathfinders

Engr. Mike Awire

CEO ( Delbimax Websolutions)



Reality TV Show

Be the next PATHFINDER

The Pathfinder

Talent is given to everyone in equality and every human on the surface of the earth has a unique quality that makes one great.

There are so many professionals in different field who have set some legacies and carved success blueprints which the rest of us walk on today.

This is legendary and it is the Intelligibility established out of the initial giftedness when properly nurtured and harnessed.

Now what makes one truly great is the determination and ability to create out of the ordinary a roadmap to greatness for others to follow, such fame and professionalism will be elevated as a result of hard work leading to manifestation of the dream.

Here, we look at qualities of selection of who out of many deserves the accolade to be named the next pathfinder.

A pathfinder is one who has the guts to stand alone and look ridiculous, ” “one who does something that is scary, One who does something others are afraid to do and create what people are willing to pay for.”

There is never a reliable map for unexplored territory. Bill Gates

Who, will be our next pathfinder???

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