9 to 5 will not make you Rich

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This is one topic I hate talking about. I hate so much to think about it because it has rendered more people poor than the lack of job. I have done a number of work that spoke about this topic, maybe not in detail but somehow I touched it. I have realized that each time I think about this topic, I get sad at the rate at which people are bent on denying themselves the good things that God has in store for them just for the sake of getting a 9 to 5 job.

Youths of today are so blinded by the little money employers will pay for their time.

Imagine spending 8 hours every day just to grow another man’s business.

(An employee once congratulated his employer for the latest new car he purchased and in response, the employer the employee to work harder he can change the car next year)

No doubt, is not everybody that will own a business but I can tell you for free that there is nothing as sweet as freedom, and part of that freedom is when you get to enjoy the liberty of running and growing your own business at your pace and time. No joy surpassed that.

Nine to five might look very enticing, it sounds and looms beautifully especially when you are in dire need of a job. The majority of broke people today are those who solely depend on nine to five for survival. They do not see beyond mare surviving. All they think about is now, and now. What they will eat and bills that need to be settled. Savings and investment are not on their agenda because they believe that as soon as the salary they earned in the month gets exhausted, at the end of the next month, they would be paid another salary.

The beauty of nine to five truly is that one earns every month. Don’t forget that you can never will your job to your child. Your children can only inherit your business and not your job. This is the more reason you should start considering owning a business of your own.

You see, the sad thing about our educational system is, It never teaches you investment. Here in this part of the world you only go to school to learn how to look for a job and in the end, some of the owners of the companies you might be working for do not have a school certificate or a degree. But, they have been able to build empires and businesses that you a graduate, a very intelligent and well-educated fellow will end up working to put more money in their pocket.

Your boss will never tell you the one secret that made him the boss. Why should he when your teachers who collected fees to teach you the basis didn’t tell you also? If your teachers can’t teach you how to be successful why should your boss teach you? Is it for him to lose an important employee or what, of course, no employer wants to lose a good employee, especially the educated ones.

But, my definition of real education is the ability to know how to accumulate wealth.

No matter your level or number of degrees, if you do not know how to make money, your illiteracy screens very loud. Your boss is a human and so are you. The difference is, he knows how to take risks boldly why you don’t. You are just a scared baby who depends on giving his time to another man just to shy away from the real battle for success.

None to five has the potential of turning you into a waste. One of my bosses who worked in a bank for two decades once told me that he will never advise or allow his enemy to work in a bank. Banks for example know how to render people useless and by the time you know it, you have given them ten years of your life without achieving anything other than the loans they would have given you to purchase some outfits to look presentable when handling their business. Whatever they give you on loan especially, is used to perform the services which they pay you to do.

Bankers don’t have time for themselves and the majority of them, after retirement you see them looking like paupers who wasted their lives doing nothing even after giving their entire life to their employer who keeps getting richer and richer. What’s more annoying is you won’t have time for yourself and your family because all the time you have in the world has been sold to your employer who pays you a token as a reward for your time, sacrifices, efforts, and commitment as salary.

I remember a viral video I saw some time last year about a woman who was crying and complaining, calling on the government to come to their rescue as she complained of how they had worked for one of the banks for over ten years as contract staffs and all of a sudden the bank disengaged them with no prior notice, just like that, I felt so bad and pity for the woman but at the same time, common sense should have told her to invest and look ways to establish herself because you cannot depend on such a job for your livelihood. Sadly, we are in a country where the government does not care, besides, the government was not there when you signed a contract with the bank so there is absolutely nothing that the government can do to help the situation.

You can never be happy or be rich doing nine to five job. You can only get frustrated by it. Well, there are some exceptions as some of the nine to five might be worth your time depending on the position you occupy in the company you work for because truly, it is not everybody that will be a business owner or a CEO. Some people will work as employees for their entire life while just a few others like us who are determined to earn more are the CEOs who don’t do nine to five but work all the time at their own pace and time.

Think twice and make a decision today that your nine to five won’t be a deterrent to the creation of your business as that is the only legacy people will remember for.

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