A lot of people believe in you, the question is, do you believe in yourself?

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We learn every day and we learn from everyone in almost every situation, that is a fact of life for those who are opened to learn from situations around them. I said this due to the circumstance that led to the writing of this article. As the title implies, there are a lot of people who actually believe in you. The inspiration that led to the creation of this piece was born out of a WhatsApp update that I viewed from a friends status. It said,

There are people that believe in you more than you believe in yourself no matter how stupid you think you are”

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Today, I may pride myself as an investor, a businessman or an entrepreneur. A few months ago from today, frustration and devastation were playing with my mind. I was broke, in debt, sick and depressed. But this title is so real that it made manifest in my life. When I realised that there are people who actually believe and look up to me, no one told me to readjust. I became more determined never to disappoint them. I was really down and it felt like it was all over for me, despite the fact that I consistently tried to hide my feelings from my family. I needed to be strong for them and, I tried to be, in the end, I was.

Let’s not go deep into personal issues here. I do not take part in letting my personal issues out there. I simply let my personal issue remain in its the place to deny the public the urge of making my business theirs. Nevertheless, I have been deeply and financially, wounded. My urge to take up the course of educating and re-educating potential entrepreneurs especially the young ones was birthed as a result of my previous experiences.

If you know where the journey started, you will appreciate our present location and the destination is even a larger motivation that will end in a massive celebration.

I had a chat with a close friend turned brother of mine. Seun was a colleague before he became a friend and now I see him as a brother. He left Nigeria many years ago. We got chatting on WhatsApp someday and he inquired about my whereabouts, I disclosed some of the challenges and how I was almost giving up on myself. I would say that that chat with Seun did a lot to remind me of who I am and what I can achieve if I focus less on my challenges and more on what my story could become. That was a great turning point in the story of my journey to the land of success.

Where you are heading is not as far as where you are coming from. You just need to try. Look, the saying that a lot of people believe in you is so true because there are so many people out there wishing that they are in your shoes and using you as their prayer point. They beg God every day in prayers to take them to the position you currently occupy. Why waste your life, wallowing away, misusing the gifts that God gave you just because of challenges. Challenges will always come your way just as they come for every other person. That’s why there are solutions and where there are no challenges, then no business opportunities.

I changed my prayer points by thanking God for difficult situations. For example, for those of you working for certain organisations as I once told my people, you need to thank God every day for business issues because without such issues and if everything is in perfect condition, it means you will have not a job. That suggests the reason why some people believe that those in the IT world sometimes intentionally create network issues that will require you to know their importance because, where such issues do not exist, businesses will think they are just there collecting money.

I have learned to challenge myself all the time to see the opportunity in every issue facing me, instead of brooding and asking God why me. If not you, then who? You need to get yourself people who support you and believe in your ability because you will try so hard not to fail or disappoint them. They are those who will always cheer you. Your cheerleaders can make you a great leader if you can just believe in the one person they believe in, you.

I am grateful for some set of friends God blessed me with. Even the useless ones still have some minor roles they play in repositioning you for greatness. Come on, there are some people that you owe it to yourself to eventually disappoint and the only way to do that is by becoming successful, as they say, success is the highest type of disappointing you can issue those who don’t believe in you. And for those who believe in you, they are always there to remind you of the person you can be.

My greatest cheerleaders are my kids, wife, family and my siblings. My kids for example constantly remind me every second of the day that I am the best Father anyone can ask of and they always pray for me declaring some words of affirmation. Even though they can be political about it on a number of occasions, the truth is, the moment I started believing in the words they tell me every day, my life started changing for the better. I no longer concentrate on problems as the only thing I see now are the opportunities that my problems present and the solutions are just there before me.

No matter what you do as a businessman or an entrepreneur, never you disregard those who believe in you, they see beyond what you see in you. Even when you think you are stupid and cannot achieve anything, these set of people will never give up on you. You need to appreciate them because that singular act of belief that they have for you can take you to the next level of your success.

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