As a business owner, you are your number sales and marketing expert

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Two days ago, we started a topic on adding value to your life and we promised to give you a continuation of that topic by sharing the five simple things you must do to add value to your life. I must sincerely apologise for not sharing that post as we have agreed to but let you know that, the piece is still a work in progress. We are still trying to fine-tune it to deliver to you the best quality of work that will be highly beneficial to you and serve the purpose it is meant to serve. As you know, it is our duty to deliver mind-blowing, packed contents that meet your expectation and fire you up with the reality, step by step, process, in achieving the success that you crave for. Please bear with me on that. That post will be released soonest.

Let’s get to the topic of today!

As an entrepreneur, what’s your role in your business? What was the motivation that led you to start up your business in the first place? Where do you see your business in many years to come from now and how do you intend for your business to get to the desired destination you want it to get to? What are the core values that drive your business and, what impact is it making in society? Who are your team members and what are their roles? These are some of the most important questions that as an entrepreneur, you should have answered at the time you were developing your business. The answers should have been factored in your business plan as the footprint that leads your business to its destination.

Let me ask you, does your business have a comprehensive business plan? If it does, great, but if not, I suggest you click the link below to get our recommended business plan template that will guild you properly in creating the best business plan that will make any investor ready to put their money in you.

This template will really help you a lot, positioning your business for a long term growth and sustaining it constantly, submerging others in a competitive business environment.

It’s a sure 100% money-back guarantee template.

As an entrepreneur, there are so many distractions out there to bring down your business. Especially from that of your competitors who see you as an obstacle towards the growth of their business. Of course, that’s what you are and that’s exactly how you too should also see them. If you do not see them the way they see you, sooner or later they will eliminate you completely. Seeing your competitors as hindrance will help you channel your thoughts towards strategies that can enable you to win the customers over, keeping your business far ahead of the competition.

As a business owner, if you don’t stay up at night, creating sales and marketing strategy for the growth of your business, I guarantee you, you are already out of business. The one thing you should understand is, your competitors are not sleeping. Why should you?

Sales and marketing are the bloodlines of every business that desire to grow.

If you are not selling, then, you simply are not in business. No matter what your business is into, no matter the quality of product or service, the bottom line is, you must be able to sell to be in business else, you will liquidate. What are you selling and how best are you positioning your product to get to the customers?
Your marketing and sales strategy should be such that your customers will be left with only one question in their mind. How much does it cost? Or, where and can I get your product? I believe that the best way to motivate them to do that is by giving them an offer they can’t refuse.

You need to be able to conquer your competitors, as they are always out there looking for every opportunity to crush your business like a fine powder scattered in the wind. The battle is to be able to win the customers over. How do you make these customers show up at your door waving their credit card in front of you? These are some of the questions that should be going through your mind even before your business gets started.

The best way to do this is to invade the market, try everything possible to conquer the hyper-competitive market that has turned the waters bloody from fierce competition. If you do nothing, they will certainly choke you out of business. And, if you play it well, you will win the customers over to become loyal to your business. That’s the goal and dream of every business owner. When customers are loyal to your business, by proxy, they will naturally and willingly patronise you.

You can’t underestimate the power the customers have when it comes to positioning your business for profits.

You might need to read our topic on who the real boss of the entrepreneur is.

The customers are with the money and in most cases, they don’t even know what to buy with it. Your number one duty as a business owner is to use every means to get them to spend their money purchasing your product. You have to speak directly to their pockets with your marketing and sales strategy. It is your duty to do that. That’s about the best and only way to save your business from the wicked grip of your cold and heartless competitors who are ever ready to destroy you.

No matter the beauty of your product and the quality of your service, no matter the packaging, the processing and the uniqueness, the features or even the benefits, if you can’t make sales, nothing else matters. The only thing that should matter to you as a business owner is, the money that is coming into your business. You need to do everything possible to ensure that the stream keeps flowing. That’s the only assurance that your business will keep growing.

Your number one responsibility as a business owner is to sell. Selling is one very key activity in the business. As a matter of fact, it is your single most important job as a business owner. Your business will flourish or diminish depending on how you market and sell your product or service. Sales are the only activity that produces revenue which is the blood for the sustainability of your business.

The only way to be actively involved in your business as an entrepreneur is for you to become the number one selling expert for your business. If you don’t sell your product, no one will sell it for you and if no one sells it, no one will buy it and if no one buys it, your business will simply, die.

Do the most important that is required for the growth of your business. Sell.

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