Be patient the money will come

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Be patient the money will come!

I am one of those people that will always worry about money and what I need to do real quick, legitimately to get it. Yea, I had to use the word legitimate so you will not misunderstand my worry for quick money. I am well, a grown man with a family. Don’t you think i need money to take care of my kids, pay bills, and feed them? Some responsibilities need to be catered for. Yes, these are the kinds of thoughts clouding my mind every day. I would worry and worry and, thankfully, i never developed high blood pressure. I have been able to manage and maintain my sanity.

I am not a lazy fellow, i work and i keep working and hoping that things will get better, soonest. I have done a whole lot of things just to make money. When i say a lot of things i don’t mean things like stealing, rituals, robbery, or drugs. That’s why i used the word legitimate in the first paragraph. I do anything and everything, as long as it will bring money, just whatever that will sustain the family in the meantime while waiting patiently for the big bulk of money that will come to me at the right time. You see, that’s the problem, i think i have seen a topic to write about next concerning doing anything and everything for money. It does not work that way.

The most challenging thing is that in some instances i would stay awake at night thinking of how the kid’s school fees would be paid. I was working but i was not making enough money. The money i was making monthly was not enough to feed the family for a week. It was too meager that i had to look for another source to raise money for such a thing as to pay the kid’s school fees. Sometimes when there are emergencies it seems as though my world was coming to an immediate end. I remember when my sons were falling ill regularly, we were going to the hospital almost every day and each time we had to go for any of their health issues, we spent so much money. How i was able to survive those days is only a miracle.

God truly knows how to handle our situations when we are most in need of something. I was sick recently, for more than eight months i battled with my health, we have spent so much money that i have lost count. God came through for me. At some point, i was worried and scared at the same time, money was the reason why i was almost losing my mind. Even though i was sick, i was still working just because if i didn’t i may not be able to cater for my family and how much was i making at the end of the month, nothing that could equate to the amount of work, effort and time that i was putting in. Despite that, i was doing what i had to do because i have learned the act of believing in myself and not giving up no matter what i faced.

I stopped getting worried when I realized that my worries were leading me nowhere. Besides, never was it heard anywhere in the world that worry solved a problem. I considered all of that and decided that I would live and wait for the right time because the money will surely come.

Patience they say is a virtue. Not everyone has it that’s why you see a lot of young youths today getting into all kinds of money rituals just to make money. You see young boys eating raw and life chicken. It trended a few days ago on Facebook. Is it the one that the boys were naked, throwing money into the ocean as a sacrifice for more money? I just saw a girl that was used for money ritual right now online, she was already dead. You see, a lot of things are happening and people are getting their hands stained just for money. And, if you are not careful, the flamboyant lifestyle of these money-sucking demons who have done so many despicable things to get money will get you intimidated and if you are not careful or discipline yourself very well you will get depressed.

What I am here to tell you right now is, keep working hard and pray well too. Be legit. Keep your hands clean and be mindful of the fact that with consistency, as long as you are doing the right thing, your payday is just around the corner. Hard-earned money is sweeter and it lasts longer than ritual earned money. Above all, you needn’t have to sacrifice anything or a family member or other people’s children just for riches. Be smart and work your way into riches. Do not maneuver your way into riches because there is not a short cut to success.

You must walk the long road to success and face life challenges. The task is for everyone and those who fight their way to the other end get rewarded for their effort. And this reward lasts very long as it will continue to multiply effortlessly. But for those who try to cheat the system through ritual, note that the devil will always take more from you than he gives you. I am not trying to preach to you but I am simply trying to make you understand that our society will be sane if every youth will understand the true meaning of dignity of labor.

The value that patience brings is everlasting. It will keep you happy without regrets. You will live to enjoy your wealth with your loved ones however you want to on your terms. The only blood that will go for that kind of wealth is the sweat you excreted during the days you were working your way to success. When you finally match into victory, part of the reward for it is lots of money that will keep you and your family eternally joyful and happy.

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