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We Discover that one of the reasons most businesses die is due to the fact that most aspiring entrepreneurs and new businesses lack the capital or do not have the means of raising the amount of capital required for the business they want to start.


The rate at which businesses are dying now, companies downsizing, throwing candidates back into the willing, outstretched embrace of the unemployment market in mass, even as the price of oil crashes drastically as a result of the global pandemic, it makes it a perfect time for us to look inwards and invest in ourselves, helping one another by collectively raising and funding ourselves with the required capital to start and grow our businesses.


This is another industry called the industry of entrepreneurs and it’s for those who got what it takes to be bold.

My love for entrepreneurship exists for the fact that only entrepreneurs have the guts to build something out of nothing by putting their imagination into action for their desired creation.

The keys to recreating the world are in the hands of entrepreneurs.
There is one major challenge that affects the majority of these set of people equipped with the ultimate gift of engineering the evolution of the world, eradicating poverty by creating jobs.


This challenge and many others are What Be Thee a pathfinder is here to address.

Basically, is not easy to raise capital in a challenging economy like Nigeria. We can only try to do what we can however little, collectively to ease the pressure of raising capital off the shoulders of an entrepreneur.

But, before this can be done, you also have a major role to play by participating and telling us exactly how your business can make a difference, have a great impact on the resuscitation of our country.

Hurry now as entry closes sooner than later.

Let us help you actualize your dream!

How to Participate!

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