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Usually, I wake up strong every morning, always with the hope of getting something huge done or achieving something great for the day. Even if what I plan to achieve fails, I still wake up the next day with the hope of becoming a better version of myself and one day starting from the present take myself at least one step closer to my goals which are huge by the way. I try as much as I can to stay motivated all through and inspire myself. The truth is, in some cases, I feel weak and unmotivated. And, it gets really tough bringing myself to the level of being productive. Sometimes, I just lose it and can’t get myself to get anything done and my day becomes almost a wasted one if not already one.

This happens to me almost everyday of my life. I know it’s a way of me getting tested to ascertain whether or not I am worthy of my goals. Yes, they are my goals, what I set out to achieve for myself, my family and a gift I intend to give to the world like I am doing now writing to get you in shape mentally to be able to position yourself for productivity. Despite that, I get tested almost all the time and sometimes I fall short.

There is a topic in the third edition of our magazine that talks about the possibility of your gift being given to someone else if you are unable and unmotivated to start working on it. And, the later you decide to work on your goals the later it takes for you to achieve them as I pointed that every goal has a time destined for them to be achieved and that if the steps required to take you close to the achievement of your goals daily are not taking then it means you have to wait extra days, months or years to achieve your goals. This feels like it is what’s keeping me from getting to the top still. I have been working really hard everyday to get to the top but as I said earlier, just like everyone else, sometimes I get really tired, bored, weak, unmotivated, depressed and uninspired.

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The Pathfinders Vol.II

A video I saw on Instagram this morning got me really thinking and then I decided to make this article right, straight from my heart to encourage you all that there is need for us all to understand that no matter how bad things are, no matter the challenges that we are going through, no matter the circumstances facing us all, we all have the power to overcome our tribulations. I am using the pronoun we so that you can understand that this same things happens to us all.

Do you even know that on a number of occasions I have contemplated suicide? Yes, whoever says depression is not real or does not affect black people like some people feel, is not real. Yes I have heard some people say that depression is not one of the disesase that affects especially Nigerians but let me tell you today, depression is real and it can hit anyone irrespective of your colour or tribe.

Depression hits humans and we are all humans. We simply need to protect ourselves and speak to someone, do everything possible to stay motivated even in our sorry state. The video I saw on IG of a woman who was trying to commit suicide with her son that was saved by a bus driver got me wondering and reminiscing on those days that I was also contemplating suicide. I understand what that woman was going through. She could be in serious debt, she could be out of job, she could be homeless, there is possibility that she’s been threatened by someone or just, anything could be the reason you just never know. Some people might be feeling oh, how could she? The truth is, most of you would consider the same if you are possibly in her shoes.

I wake up with a heavy smile on my face just because I feel the need to tell the universe that whatever shits it throws at me, I will always get myself inspired because I have a focus, a goal that I am chasing and no amount of obstacles, no matter how huge they are can stop me from getting to my destination. This is the reason for my early morning smile, the message I am always trying to pass across to whoever cares to listen. I do this regularly, everyday as a matter of fact just to conquer whatever fear that might come my way and give myself a fighting chance.

The world is full of challenges and is not everyone that has what it takes to defeat their enemies. This is the reason why I took it upon myself to do everything I can to motivate you no matter what it will cost me. Even if I do not make anything out of this, the fact that someone somewhere might read my article or listen to me and get motivated or rejuvenated gets me going. I promised myself that I will always do this because i know that people read and listen. Let me shock you, there has been a number of days that I am completely out of ideas, money and other means of survival but in the end, I try as much as I can not to give up even though I had often found myself considering giving up.

People are suffering and people are going through a lot. Also, people are making money and enjoying their lives amidst the problems in the world. The realisation of this reality has also kept me going and I am committed to see to it that at least a number of those who suffer get motivated and work their way to become among those who are enjoying the good things of life just like others in the world. Every human deserves to be happy and I am ready to work my way and give all that I have to offer to the world to ensure that a lot of people who are not happy find the happiness they deserve by making money and achieving success with the undenying truth which I believe at least to a certain degree that money can make you happy but the lack of it can kill you.

Lets not forget this. That bus driver is a hero that should be celebrated.

But 5hen let me leave you with my most important secret, God! He always comes through for me.

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