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What’s your definition of a giant? I am wondering what might be going through your mind right now as regards the response to the question above. Ok, let me ask you this, what’s a giant or who is a giant? I asked the question above to a six-year-old boy and he simply gave me a one-word explanation of giant. He said, Goliath. Sure! He’s not far from the truth, as a matter of fact, for a boy of his age, even for me writing this piece, that’s a perfect description of what or who a giant it. Goliath. The right definition.

Now let’s discuss from the dictionary and see from another view what the definition of a giant is. Goliath is absolute because that’s the best and one of the few names in the Bible that was described as such. Another remarkable story related to Goliath is that he was defeated by David. Goliath was a trained soldier who was well-kitted in his battle regalia. David on the other hand, we’ll, he was just a Shephard and he volunteered to fight the well-trained battle-ready giant who was a nightmare to the people of Israel as not one of the soldiers, not even Saul could summon the courage to confront the giant.

In simple terms, a giant can be an imaginary or mythical being of human form but the superhuman size. This definition is actually from Google. Guess what, see another definition, also from google, “A very great size or force, gigantic”. This simply shows that a giant is something very great in size. Something or someone larger than the normal human. But here, let’s take the first definition for discussion. It clearly shows that a giant is always at an advantage to be victorious when a battle erupts. You on the other hand are the underdog. Yes, no one expects you to defeat a giant. Like in the case of David, his brothers berated him first for even coming to the battlefield and when he showed interest to fight Goliath, no one gave him a chance of coming out victorious. He was the underdog.

David saw things that other soldiers were too blind to see because they were all consumed by fear due to the commanding appearance of Goliath. They didn’t realize the weaknesses that Goliath had. His shield, sword, and battle instruments we’re too heavy for him. He had someone who carried his shield for him. He was too slow and David capitalized on that. The giant was expecting David to come close to face him but on the contrary, David defiled all the battle rules and faced the giant the way he least expected. Before Goliath realized what he was facing it was too late.

Again, from the first definition, you or the giant might no necessarily be the Goliath that David battled. Your sickness, your fears, your problems, your procrastination, your lack of ambition, your bad habits, etc. They are all giants that are hindering you from progressing. Most times, Giants are not what we think they are. Like in the case of Goliath, the same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of their great weakness.

Goliath was too big of a man and that was scary but at the same time, his size made him so slow. He was the weaker man among the two of them despite David being considered the underdog. Malcolm Gladwell wrote that being an underdog can change people in ways that we often fail to appreciate: it can open doors and create opportunities and educate and enlighten and make possible what might otherwise have seemed unthinkable.

Goliath is not quite the giant we often think he is. Goliath is more vulnerable than David even though the world might perceive him to be the man with better chances at victory. It takes wits and courage to confront your Goliath. We all have different giants that do not want us to get to our destination. As the underdog in this battle, you have to strategize and come up with better plans for defeating the giant. You have to be willing to change the game plan. The giant expects you to face him one on one but you have to be creative with your approach and change the fight strategy if you must defeat your giant as an underdog that the world thinks you to be. Above you, you need courage.

Courage is to me, one of the greatest qualities that any man can have and as Malcolm puts it, “Courage is not something that you already have that makes you brave when tough times start. Courage is what you earn when you’ve been through the tough times and you discover they aren’t so
tough after all”.

Courage is what makes you see the weakness of the giant that others don’t see.

Courage is what differentiates you from weak men who call themselves soldiers but are too scared to face the giant standing before them. Courage truly sets you apart from others. There is something else I observed that is key which you need when facing the giant. Speed.

Speed and accuracy are vital. You need to be fast and precise. David was fast that before Goliath could notice he was done with his move. Precision is another great quality that can’t be left out. You dare not miss your target. You need to move with time and give no room for distractions. You don’t have time for ‘good morning, good afternoon; how do you feel.’ because you’ve got a giant on your hand that you must defeat.

If you get distracted or failed to strike with speak and accuracy, then you might as well become a launch for your more powerful opponent. Face your fear. Fight that obstacle that is standing on your way to success. Speak to yourself and declare that no matter what the type of challenge you are facing or the size of the giant that’s on your way, you will surely come out from bout a victor. You have to believe it, plan for it, go for it and conquer it.

That’s how you kill a giant.

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