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On Monday the 27th of April, once again the President Muhammadu Buhari in his usual dramatic monologue jargon, addressed the nation. I used the word jargon because I don’t know about you, I could hardly make a clear comprehension of his speech. I had to start calling friends to clarify my confusion and I was further confused. The reality hit me once again, this is Nigeria.

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This story is different from our initial posts. We had been calling out some of the multinational organizations in Nigeria to take responsibility of the Nigerian people as we try to curb the menace of the Covid 19 in the states of Nigeria. Nevertheless, we still believe the multinationals are doing nothing special in their part to aid the Nigerian people in these trying times.

On Monday the 27th of April, once again the President Muhammadu Buhari in his usual dramatic monologue jargon, addressed the nation. I used the word jargon because I don’t know about you, I could hardly make a clear comprehension of his speech. I had to start calling friends to clarify my confusion and I was further confused.  The reality hit me once again, this is Nigeria. Why was i disappointed at the president, maybe i was expecting more from him as the leader of over two hundred million people?

The saying that you can’t give what you don’t have is a reality. Validity hardly exists in the realm of immorality. Nothing of worthy note can come out from incapacitated frailty.

The government has failed us, the government is failing us and this government will continue to fail us. That’s how it seems and is very obvious with the kind of decisions they make. Am surprised we haven’t seen anyone revolting already, no, no one anyways. Anyways, Nigerians lack courage.

The president speech is marred with so many nefarious inaccurate proclamations of the state of the nation. Isn’t he in this country or was his speech recorded in abroad and aired in Nigeria? He was speaking to the camera. Didn’t he read the speech he was given? Who prepared that speech. Certain questions deserve answers. The speech was left with mixed reactions from Nigerians who took to social media to express their displeasures. Talk of a proper Nigerian, that’s what we know how to do.

Additional one-week lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state. By Monday the 4th of May the lockdown is said to be relaxed in the three most hit states. We still have a case of the coronavirus rising in Nigeria. The daily lives cores from NCDC shows Lagos still on top of the league table. Channels news reported sometimes a week ago that about forty health workers tested positive to the Covid 19. I expected the president to address the issue with the health workers, what happens to them if they begin to die, what happens to their families, what form of compensation would they get. The truth is the speech had no clarity in this regard.

I don’t know. There is this feeling that the speech was not live. It may be wrong though, just an abstract opinion and that speech could have been recorded. Well, whom do we inquire from? Who prepared that speech, did the president read the speech for verification of facts before reading it to the Nigerian people? This is an indication of shying away from your responsibility. Yea, just a reminder, our president is a shy person that doesn’t do well with always. That lie of a man is something of a creature. So diligent in his job, the lie never eludes him, always at his disposal and he never gives a second thought before opening up his mouth.

This method of reading speeches is unacceptable. The president should understand that. To God be the glory, at least after a week from Monday the 27th April things shall return to normal. Unfortunately, that’s far from reality. Lifting the lockdown in the three states with most cases is the biggest mistake Buhari would make.. of course, they don’t care about the poor and would not want to help instead they want them to go out and die … Nigerians should brace themselves because the worst is yet to happen. People can talk sha! Sad, but true.

We have been asking so many questions without answers and we will continue to ask till we start getting some answers. Let’s go back to the President’s speech. What kind of businesses are expected to be opened? I trust Nigerians, every businessman will take the opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to make some money? As am writing am already anticipating work on Monday. We’ll just ensure our hand sanitizer and face masks are always within reach while maintaining social distancing. Can this work in Ladipo, Yaba, Obalende, Iyana-Ipaja, Iyana-Iba or even Igando, Oshodi, Mile 12, Alaba, ikorodu, Idumota markets, etc? How many people will the police arrest for violating this? And who says our Nigeria police won’t be hoodwinked at the sight of the Naira notes no matter the denomination?

I was taken aback by the immediate lockdown of Kano state as announced by the president. The people of Kano were said to be dying mysteriously. The authorities, having conducted their manual autopsy declared malaria the culprit of the numerous deaths in Kano. Story for the gods. Need i remind you that malaria does not kill an Hausa man, go to the streets of Lagos and see where they sleep. They basically dine with mosquitoes. If malaria was the case how come the immediate lockdown of the state? I want to believe that their Covid-19 testing centre has been brought back to full functionality at the time of writing this. Note that over seventy per cent of the physicians in Kano absconded. Who wouldn’t run for his dear life when all the clueless government of the state does is laced with confusion and lies.

This famous speech by the president generated a buzz. It trended. He was just there, facing the camera like a robot. Other leaders of the world do a daily press conference. The US president speaks with the press. The UK prime minister Boris Johnson had a press conference immediately he recovered from the Covid-19 bout. How come our own president who had been sitting in Aso Rock all this while can’t do the same? He just comes on air once in two weeks, (don’t forget, he’s a shy person that doesn’t do well with the don), reads some terrible script and goes off the air with the national anthem tune buzzing from annoying NTA Channel. So unnecessary. People care less about their pledge to Nigeria than they worry bout where the next meal comes from. The daily cases of the Covid-19 keep rising, relaxing the lockdown does not seem like the best option right now. With the announcement of the president’s speech, if care is not taken, i hope am wrong and i sincerely pray to be wrong, mass death looms.

Nigeria is a nation where those who make the rules, break the rules. Funke Akindele got prosecuted and the government didn’t for absolutely the same crime. The crime fighters theme, “nobody dey above the law” does not apply here. Nigeria is a failed system. In Imo state, for example, the indigenes adhered to the enforced lockdown but the governor’s aid came back from Abuja, Abba Kyari’s burial infected. Stupid is an understatement. They kept lying that there was no case in Imo state.

People are hungry. Yea, reasonable but dead people don’t eat. Some say people will revolt if they continue to stay home. Look, the only reason why staying home isn’t so interesting like it should be is due to the lack of basic necessities, the little commodities purchased before the lockdown had been exhausted and there is no palliative care from the government. If there was, nobody would mind. You don’t expect someone who is hungry to keep quiet and do nothing.

The almighty speech from the president clearly indicates that the government cares more about the economy and Nigerians want to get back to their business. No one cares about the people! Now, if the people aren’t available the economy will still collapse and businesses will still die. With the mass of people alive and healthy, a dead business can be revived and the economy can be rescued but, dead people can’t be brought back to life so, the president should rethink his decision and provide Nigerians palliative while they concentrate in combating the coronavirus.

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