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If you have a source of making money, good for you. If you work for an organization that pays you salary, also, good for you. If you have your own business, better for you because that’s the best way to attain financial freedom. That’s the best way but not the only way. You need to duplicate your streams of income if you are on the quest to becoming free, financially.

Most business people who are rich run their own businesses and they control more than one, two or as many businesses they can control as possible. It might interest you to know that Elon Musk for a example did not become so wealthy just by ownin a business. He owns chains of businesses. This is true for other billionaires across the globe.

Average people simply just want to work for others. They go to school, graduate and for example in Nigeria, they even go for a compulsory one year national youth service corps and in the end, guess what, they come out to work for those who didn’t go to school. I would say that looking for a job for example is a one way to slightly show you are not lazy but I would want to say that, that’s a sure route for the laziness. I will write about this tomorrow.

If the persons who created most of the businesses that we see today were busy looking for jobs, submitting their CVs to different organizations, they would certainly not have the strength or time to set up their businesses that have become global brands today.

They took the painful but the most rewarding way to achieve success and today we can all beckon on them as billionaires, people with special talents but that’s not the case.

Every human is special in their own way and God created everyone with the same amount of talent. What separates us all is the ability of others to see while others do not. Those who go the lonely part of creating something for themselves oftentimes travel a part that only them understand and the only reason why they successfully come out victorious is because they never wavered in their pursuit for success and even after attaining the success they aim for, they kept going and outperforming themselves, this is the reason why today, there are businesses, big brands that are delivering world class products and services for the good of humanity and employing others to ensure that their dreams keep getting better.

The world today is moving at a very swift pace and having a single job for those who desire monhly salary can no longer sustain anyone.

The rate of inflation today has made life so difficult that even your monthly salary is not enough for you. I see a lot of people who before the second week of the month, they have already exhausted their salaries, tell me, is that how one can become financially free. Salary they say is another form of slavery. It helps you forget your dream and for the majority of those who depend on their monthly salary, they majorly end up mentally disoriented whenever they lose their monthly salary work.

I know someone who was sacked from a corporate organization and fell sick immediately because most of the good things she got from the company like official car, allowances and all that had been taking away and most of them cannot survive without those free meals they got everyday from their company. Eventually when these things are taking away from them, they find it very difficult to survive in the outside world without their monthly salary.

I remember that video that went viral in the year 2020 where a woman was crying of how one bank laid them off. They were contract workers for this bank and for ten years they had served and worked for the bank without any savings, hoping that the bank will eventually make them permanent staffs in it’s payroll, what happened, the covid struck and the bank laid off all of them. The lady who made the video cried, asking that the government should come to their rescue as they’d wasted many years of their lives hoping to become full staffs of the company. In the end, they had no single savings.

Tell me how would this set of people survive? Of course there is nothing anyone can do about it as I will like to believe that there was a binding contract between the bank and the staffs at the time of recruitment. I can only blame these contract staffs who were laid off because they didn’t make any effort to duplicate their streams of income before the unfortunate incident.

Humans should always learn to expect the unexpected because as I always say, anything and everything is possible. Those contract staffs that were laid off were probably frustrated because they never anticipated that they would come to the end of their road with the bank suddenly, that’s probably why they didn’t make any alternative plans for themselves. They hoped to become full staffs of another person’s business forgetting that someone else’s business will always favor the owner of the bsuiness or the share holders who in the end can only make decisions based on the economic situation of the business environment. It would be wrong for anyone to nurture any false hope of building a life of success banking on the business of someone else.

When you work for a salary, try as much as you can to create other stream of income for yourself because your salary will never be enough no matter how many years you work for it. There will always be inflation that will make that salary if yours seem useless.

Different streams of income is a sure way to conquer poverty.

Your employer will never allow you to own your own business because they feel it will make you lose focus in helping them achieve their own dream. Why you work and put a huge amount of effort into making another man rich just for a little slice of the pie all in the name of salary, try as much as you can to also put effort in working on your own business because as I always say, you will have yourself to thank for it and your future self will certainly be proud of you for doing so.

If your salary is the only stream of income for you, I guarantee you, you will end up poor. Do something about it today and create for yourself some other means of income.


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