Do it now, do not procrastinate!

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Procrastination is one of the leading vices that hinder people from achieving their goals or what they set out to achieve. This is a serious issue even though it seems like it is nothing. It is eating so deep in people these days that the majority of people who procrastinate enjoy it so much that they can hardly dissociate from the venom. You see, the very interesting thing about procrastination is that it has a way of dealing with you in disguise that you will not believe that you are been haunted by it. It tastes good. It sure does. You know, this thing called procrastination has a way of making you feel so good that you will always want to repeat it. It takes discipline to decipher it and kill it. A lot of people can’t deal with it and can not avoid succumbing to its tricks.

This thing called procrastination is not new to us. A lot of people have written or spoken about it in the past or on different platforms. I decided to throw more light on it not because of its murderous nature but because of the subtlety in which it carries out its ploys, giving you reasons to bask in an immediate feel-good moment while setting up your life for the future destruction without knowing it. Annoyingly, you will think you are enjoying your life. When you have something you need to do, get up and do it immediately because if you do not do it at that time, you will only have yourself to blame. Any work you left undone now, unfortunately, you will have to come back and do it later and at that time, you can only pray it won’t be too late, especially if it has a lot to do with your future.

Leave it, I will do it later. This is one statement that is so common especially among the youths. Let me be very keen here, the best time to shape your life and put it in motion to the desired destination is now and not later. If you leave any important task that you are expected to carry out now for later, you will regret it. You should carry out that task and remove the word later from your dictionary.

When I write most times, I write from personal experience.

I have been hit by the cold hands of this poison many times and even as I write this, I am forcing myself big time to finish it up. I woke up this morning, thinking of what content to put out today and it came to me to write about procrastination. I asked myself, what do I know about procrastination if not the fact that it has affected a lot of people and caused so many of their dreams? I thought so hard and decided that I will use myself as an example to bring home the points.

At some point in my life, procrastination was like a very close pal. It was my best friend.

I had so many reasons to procrastinate. I was so good at procrastinating that I created reasons, beautiful ones at that just to make sure that procrastination prevailed in whatever I was doing. This affected me for so many years and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was enjoying the feeling but little did I know that my life was whisking away gradually while I embraced my close pal emotionally.

I had projects that were left undone, scores of works that were untouched. Books, songs that were not written. Seminars that were not attended, official duties that were not carried out and meetings that were not attended, etc, all due to the enemy that disguised as a friend dealing with me and making me feel good at the same time.

I was so used to this that most times I had to finish my most important assignments at the eleventh hour. I was feeling good about it that I believed myself to be an eleventh-hour worker. It was so bad that some important assignments that should have been completed two weeks before the deadline will not be touched till the deadline and in most cases, I will end up working in a rush and making silly mistakes. Look, I know I am smart but my constant procrastination led me to be late with almost every of my assignment.

Now, this brings me to what the meaning of procrastination is. The dictionary defines it as the act or habit of putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention. Immediate attention should be emphasized. I was so guilty of this sometimes even when it comes to eating. No wonder stomach ulcer has dealt me a serious blow for so many years now. I not only procrastinated about work, sometimes I procrastinate about basic essential things that one should not procrastinate about. Let’s not say much about this but do you know that procrastination can lead to depression? That’s a topic for another day.

Thank God I have been able to conquer the battle of procrastination. How I did it, I cannot say exactly, I simply just started doing things at the time I should do them. For example, there was a particular day when I needed to do some assignment immediately, I was almost going to procrastinate about it but I didn’t. I finished the assignment and immediately my heart was filled with so much joy that I realized the reward of finishing your task on time. I moved on to other things and decided to do more that day. I felt so good about it. That happened after I read a book by Bryan Tracy “Eat that frog”, then I started practicing some of the things in that book and it helped me a whole lot that today, though the temptation to procrastinate is there but I have been working really hard and still working every day to subdue it and I am truly doing tremendously in that regard.

I want to inform you today that it pays to do your assignment immediately, rejecting the beautiful lures the spirit of procrastination brings and the reward will be greater and lasting than the immediate and dangerous punishable, disguised reward the monster procrastination stands to offer you.

Do what you got to do now and don’t procrastinate.

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