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In the race to accomplish greatness, there are so many challenges that can obstruct your movement towards the accomplishment of your goals. Challenges are everywhere, even if you decide to do nothing, you will still be faced with a myriad of challenges. It’s even more difficult to do nothing than doing all you can to accomplish your dream. Scary forces are so much out there starting from those who do not believe in you. A lot of people don’t believe that you can become something great so you should let go of such people that bring you down and make you lose confidence in yourself.

There are business challenges as well. This is normal because even if you are the first person to set up a particular business or an industry, sooner or later, as long as the business is doing well, you will be met with lots of competition. A lot of people will go into the same business that you created and they will compete with you so much that if you are not careful, you will be at the losing end. Do not be bothered. The thing I have learned about businesses that are pioneers is that they had plans to combat and conquer competitors when the time comes because they are always ahead of the game. We see that in the telecom industry here in Nigeria, how MTN has dominated the telecom industry, coming up with innovations that have kept them enjoying the larger share of the market since inception.

You will always face many challenges that will make you want to lose hope and get scared. How you react to these challenges is entirely your decision. Some of the challenges we face in life are temporary challenges that are there to text our zeal and resilience. You need to act like they don’t exist and put more attention towards self and business development because if you keep your mind focused on your challenges, fear will find its way into you and the challenges will keep getting bigger than they naturally are.

I wrote a piece that was recently published on the site titled “there is no limit to what you can accomplish’. That’s the surest truth you can tell yourself and the truth is, if you believe it, then the sky will not only be your limit but your starting point. Do not be scared of aiming to get to the sky. The last time I checked, all the people that aimed for the sky got to it. They achieved and accomplished their dreams. They, just like every other person who is working to accomplish something great faced their portion of challenges too.

They were strong with a firm resolve to be the best of themselves with unwavering faith in their dreams that made their accomplishments a possibility.

Faith does the opposite of what fear does to you.

You have to have faith in yourself and your dreams. A lot of things and a lot of people are out there to deter you. Even those you trust do not want you to succeed so you have got to trust and believe in the only person that has got your back without fear of anything, that person is you.

Life will throw more challenges than you will ever expect at you. You will fall sick while chasing your dreams. You will feel like death is just around the corner. I remember my story, I was working on several projects and got sick that I thought I was not going to survive before I started working again and in my mind, I believed that I was well and was ready to get back to working again, I realized that the moment I started living my life, gradually, I started getting my health back and thankfully, God perfected everything. So, you, just like everyone else has the power to overcome any form of sickness life will throw at you just to delay your progress and watch if you will be scared enough to give up.

You need to understand that your dream is higher than the sickness or whatever challenge you are facing right now.

With time, all wounds heal by themselves.

Imagine wearing yourself out just because you are not getting what you want or you were facing challenges. The power to overcome every issue is in your mind.

The battle is won in the mind.

You have got to fight your way to victory by first declaring in your mind that you are victorious. Nothing stops a determined mind. A mind that is made up never succumbs to fear. The only thing that can happen is that the challenge will give room and allow you to have your way. That’s the most likely thing that can happen to a mind that moves with a force towards greatness. You don’t need anyone to approve of you. Self-approval and acceptance are all that you need.

You are a lone ranger and you have the power within you to destroy every enemy that comes your way. This is a fight, life is a battle and you have to fight your way to victory else you will be dead. If you do not fight to live and not to survive, then the enemies will make sure that you are denied your dreams, and what else is worse than that which in my estimation is as good as dead?

No matter what’s out there or the challenge that you face, they can only get to you if you give them the power to by getting scared. They do not have what it takes to deny you your dream but your dream might elude you only if you allow the enemy to make that happen. The only person that has the power to decide what happens to you is you. Do not get scared of anything and do not allow enemies to think that they can do anything to you. Attack them first to show them how ready you are to take what’s yours. As the saying goes, the best form of defense, attack. That’s exactly what you should do. And that’s exactly what you’re gonna do to show the world that you are not scared of anything.

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