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Doing the right thing at the right time is a matter of choice. Doing the right thing every day shows how disciplined one is. The race to the future is not such an easy one. It is not one that happens so swiftly that all of a sudden you can just arrive at the finished line victorious. You start from somewhere, doing something very important and significant to the destination you are aiming for. No one starts life from the middle, successful people all started from scratch, and they dug and fought their way to become what they are today.

There is a reason why there are only a select few, successful among many.

Check out the Forbes list and you will understand what am talking about. Just a few men are amassing all the billions the world has got to offer in a world where there are billions of people living in it. Have you asked yourself what these select few do every day that you do not have the guts to do? Have you asked yourself what makes them so unique that they are just a few among many who got what it takes to rake in all the billions?

These people, just like everyone else started small. They worked so hard to deliver themselves from the cold hands of poverty.

They had a goal, a plan that they were not going to trade anything for it.

Look at the athletes for example, how they take many years of practice to prepare for let’s say, a 5mins race. Do you know why they already made up their minds that it was that or nothing else? The same goes for all sportsmen. The boxers, the footballers, the golfers, etc. They all started from somewhere and they never relented till they got to their destination.

Serena Williams just to mention a few for example is one of the best the world has seen when the word tennis is mentioned. Do you think she just woke up and decided that she would be one of the best without working her ass to achieve such a feat? No! She practiced every day of her life. Some people in this world can be called people with no days off. It means when others are sleeping, they are working. They are working because they feel and believe that working is the only legitimate thing they can do to arrive at their destination.

These are the people that the world regard as the greats.

When you decide to do the right thing and you have a plan or destination where you want to be in the next, let’s say five or ten years, you have to work every day of your life.

It’s just like when they say tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean. When you work every day towards the attainment of your goal, what you are simply doing is like making a savings deposit into the bank and one day you will have so much money that you can use for investment for the future.

Growing up, I hated working so much but today I am trying so hard to be the best worker that I can be. Some people enjoy work so much that it is fun for them. I saw a post that got me intrigued some time ago, it reads “no matter how hard you work, you can never outwork me”. That post changed my mindset about work and today I have found joy in working. It feels to me like playing with friends as a kid while growing up.

I have learned so much in this world that one of the things I have come to understand is that the difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich never stops working while the poor never stop looking for excuses to keep them from working. Nothing works for the poor. Yesterday we discussed procrastination, it is so common among the poor. They procrastinate about everything. They are the ones who have favorite TV shows. Always in front of the screen waiting for the next episode on Telemundo or Zee World. This and many others are a typical example of a poverty lifestyle.

The rich don’t watch TV.

The rich designed the TV for the poor. The rich create things to keep the poor engaged while sucking up their little money to add to theirs. Haven’t you noticed?

For example, in Nigeria, if you go to neighborhoods where the poor dominate you will discover that such neighborhoods are where the rich sell their products because one thing common to the poor is they love to spend the money that they do not have buying useless things, whether they need it or not.

We have deviated a lot from the topic of the day, but let’s face it, the only thing I think personally that can liberate you from the cold hands of penury is working and as we said earlier, doing something every day that will add value to your future goal. I mean, doing the right thing in sync with the plans you have for yourself for the future.

You do this without minding what people think or say.

No matter what you do people will always have something to say that’s the more reason you should do what you need to do so far as it is only you and your God who see the perfect picture of what kind of future you wish for yourself.

That future can be bright or otherwise depending on the amount of work you put into it. It is not enough to wish or desire it, the most important thing is doing the right thing every day that will take you closer and closer to that beautiful destination of yours that you so desire to get to.

It is all left to you to do what you need to do and do the right thing right now. That is one of the best antidotes to cure a lean purse if you want your future to be one of the few selects that top the Forbes list year in year out.

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