Don’t compare yourself with others, 1!

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Comparison is not good for you. Should I repeat that? Comparison is bad for your health. You have what I don’t have and I have what you don’t have. That’s how life is. We are different, all of us, unique in our own ways. That’s the natural intention by God and he never created us to try to copy others or compare ourselves with others.

In the world today, the rate at which comparison destroys people is high, you know why, because there are so many people who instead of working on becoming the best they can be of themselves, they are busy comparing themselves and trying to be like others. You see them trying so hard to be someone they are not. This often kills the actual you. True.

In all works of life, people behave differently, different people have different styles even if they are in the same industry. I always say that the sky is too wide for the birds to fly. This goes to show that no matter what everyone is doing, you are designed to function in a particular area of life, and no matter how crowded it seems you will excel but you must try as much as you can to be yourself and not be like others.

You are the absolute best and you are enough for the world. The moment you start comparing yourself with others, it shows that you lack self confidence. You don’t need anybody’s approval of you to be you.

In the music industry for example, we have millions of music artists but you can never see two artists that sound exactly alike. In the first place, no two persons have the same voice. Though there are cases where people can mimick others but if is not original, it can never be original.

If e no be Panadol, e no go for be like Panadol. 

That’s just the best way to show example of it. Let’s dive into the music industry for example. Dbanj is an artist that has a unique style of delivery, his charisma, voice, persona and kind of songs make him the total package, you can’t mistake him for another. As a matter of fact, if there was any other, it can never topple Dbanj from the top. Here comes Durella who sounds and delivers just like Dbanj. What happened to Durella? I can’t be certain.

I wouldn’t say that Durella was trying to compare himself with Dbanj but the truth is that’s how the world perceived it and Durella was rarely accepted. There was a Dbanj and the world was not ready for another kind of competition. It would have made more sense if Durella worked on his craft and did it just a bit differently but for just sounding like the Kokomaster, it was seen by many that he was just trying to be like Dbanj.

We have a more similar example. 2 Face Innocent Idibia known as 2baba is, am sure you know what he does. He’s one of the most decorated artists in Nigeria. He’s a legend. One of those who gave their all and shaped the Nigeria music industry and after two decades of relevance, he’s still one of the top performers there are in the music scene in Nigeria. His position as a legend cannot be toppled.

There have been so many who tried to be like 2face. A lot as a matter of fact but the most striking of all is Joel Amadi. Joel is a great singer and a fantastic music artist. If only he lived in a world that there was no 2face. Joel Amadi does not just look like 2face, you will think they are twins. They are both so identical in almost everything. The same looks, same hairstyle, same style of singing, same voice and all that. Though, Joel tried so hard to make a number of hit songs but the fact that a lot of people still see him like a 2face wannabe to me is the reason he didn’t get to the Pinnacle of sucecss in the music industry.

If you didn’t know Joel Amadi, you will mistake him for a 2face Idibia. That’s how Identical both artists are. I wouldn’t say that Joel was trying to be like 2face but that striking resemblance in everything cannot be argued and most people certainly believed otherwise.

You have no business comparing yourself with others because you are completely unique in your own way and in the eyes of God. Just like those making it, everyone is destined to become the best version of themselves. The only person you should compare yourself with is yourself. Try as much as you can to become a better version of yourself

Every human has everything equal but you will seldom see one human who looks just like another. Is rare. There are identical twins. Yes. Peter and Paul Okoye are one of many. In the end, even twins separate. If twins whom the world feel were better as a duo and entertained the world more when together, complementing each other can separate, imagine the dent you will get when you try to compare yourself with another.

The days I tried to compare myself with others I almost drank poison but I learned immediately never to do that. Is not healthy. Comparison can lead to depression especially in a world where everyone is packaging themselves and showcasing everything on social media. Packaged lifestyle is fake. You never know what those you are comparing yourself with are doing.

People often get frustrated by looking at their pears whom they feel are doing better than them in life just because of their updates on social media. The truth is you might be doing better than the person you are comparing yourself with but you won’t know that because you are busy trying to know the area he or she is doing better than you.

Concentrate a little on yourself and compare yourself today with your yesterday self and find out within you if there is any improvement, where there is no improvement then you have work to do, but where there is an improvement, you have nothing to worry about. You are doing just fine, as a matter fact, you are doing so better than you think you are.

Never ever look down on yourself because of the kind of lifestyle others tend to me living, in most cases, such lifestyles are fake.

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