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If you know what you want and work on getting what you want you will definitely get what you want.

Working on yourself does not really require much, it is simply understanding what you want and how to go about getting what you want. When you know what you want and understand why you want it badly, you will definitely device means, the how to get that which you truly want if and only you strongly desire it. When you work hard on yourself, you simply do it for yourself because, in the end, only you gets to reap the reward of the work you did on you.

Sports men understand the importance of working really hard. And, the greatest of the greats in the games of sports outwork others. They work hard and do it so passionately with one goal in mind, to become the best. There is one thing that I have personally discovered that these great set of people, be they into football or other sporting activities have in common, they outwork others and bodly do not allow themselves to be compared with any. If there must be any room for comparisons, they never show it but, they pick out the competition and work as hard as they could to measure up or outperform the competition whether their sort out rival is dead or alive.

Their rival may have retired from the game but unlike the world who feels that no one can do better than those in the past, they try to prove the world wrong by doing extremely better that posterity will look back and use them as the benchmark for greatness.

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers of all time. If this world ended today and another was to begin tomorrow, Ronaldo’s contributions to the game of soccer will definitely standout. His success is unmatched. Let’s not talk about his greatest rival of all time who’s naturally endowed with skills and expertise. Messi was born to play. The difference between both players, in my opinion is, Ronaldo understood earlier that if he would give his greatest rival Messi a run for his money the only option he has was to work better than everyone else. He disciplined himself so much and worked so hard.

Ronaldo did everything he can to become the best. One of the greatest of all time and for more than a decade, he and Messi dominated the game and made it seem as though every other footballer, dead or alive does not matter. They won everything. It was like the Ballon d’or award, was designed for either of them. Ronaldo will win the prestigious award this year and the next year Messi would outperform him for the accolade. Both players did this for more than ten years that every year, before the winner was announced, football fans globally would have known that if it was not Messi then it would be Ronaldo. Messi would either come first while Ronaldo comes second or vice versa. This repeated every year.

No one understood his potential and his quest for greatness better than he did. Ronaldo knew he had a chance and, he gave it a short, guess what, it worked out for him big time. There was an interview about him that went viral many years ago. Amongst his colleagues, Rio Ferdinald and a few other Manchester United players, this was many years ago when Ronaldo was still playing for Manchester United football club. They were asked who the greatest player of all time was. Rio replied that it was the late great, Diego Maradona while Ronaldo simply replied, in his words “Me”, he said. The interviewer asked again and he repeated it that he was the greatest footballer of all time. Of course, the people around who heard him laughed if off but Ronaldo knew what he was saying and he went ahead to prove to the world that he was actually one of the greatest of all time and guess what, in my book Ronaldo has already outperformed Diego Maradona and he still plays.

If you know your worth, you will never allow others opinion determine what you can do.

Discipline means that you understand who you are and where you are headed and you are doing all that is required t become that person that you see yourself to be many years from now.

Ronaldo knew that no one was better than him even though a lot of people believed that Messi is a better player. As I said, Messi is great and I would say more talended than Ronaldo but Ronaldo to me is a better worker than Messi. If Messi put in the amount of work that Ronaldo puts in, even Ronaldo would never come close to being compared with Messi. Both players will forever remain the best there is, there was and there will ever be as long as the game of soccer is concerned.

After this generation, the world might never see another Christiano Ronaldo. This is not to say that there are no other great players in the game of ssocce, of course there are a lot of them but, there will always be one and only one Ronaldo.

If Ronaldo had in that interview agreed that the greatest of all time was Diego Maradona, then he would have spent his entire football career trying to be like Maradona. That would have mean him using Maradona as the benchmark for success but he never did that. He believed that the greatest there was, is nothing that can compare to his future self. Seeing that there was an opportunity to become even better than one of the world’s acclaimed greatest of all time, he made use of the opportunity by working so hard with a discipline that’s out of this world and he did just that.

Team mates have always said that he’s one of the first to arrive training and one of the last to leave. He did so passionately and when he played you could see that he has the charisma that qualifies him as the best there is in the game. Defenders trembled when they faced him and Ronaldo made sure that no defender was good enough to stop him whenever he played. That’s what to me, hard work and great amount of discipline can do for you. It will make you stand out among the crowd and you will become a person that can only be compared with the best if at all there was or must be a worthy competition.

Asides Lionel Messi, Christiano recognises no one else, dead or alive as a worthy rival. He sees himself as the greatest of all time. You should do the same.

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