Elon Musk: The new face of greatness

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Jeff Bezos, the CEO, and owner of Amazon has enjoyed for several years now the number one spot as the world’s richest man. It almost seemed like the billionaire was never gonna be knocked off his perch. He enjoyed the accolades and of course, he worked so hard to maintain that position so, you can’t blame the man. Everyone who works hard especially in the beginning, I mean at that stage when the business is growing and requiring keen attention will reap the reward. That’s what the case of the man who once as I said, enjoyed the number one spot all this while has been.

No king lasts forever. No champion lasts forever too.

Records were set by men and records at meant to be broken. There was a time that it was Bill Gates that occupied that spot. Sometimes, it was Warren Buffet. Jeff came and took the world by storm and he did it without seeking anyone’s permission. That’s the beauty of the whole thing.

Overtaking is allowed in this type of journey!

No one questions you for becoming the richest man in the world. The most important thing is, when you work hard, such a feat is the result you most likely will get. This set of billionaires, they work very hard and they never stop working and what’s most important is, they compete among themselves, always trying so hard to knock the number one man off that spot and that’s exactly what Elon Musk just did.

Today, you can say that the Tesla CEO is the new face of wealth. He kept on pushing, never stopping till he got to that spot that Jeff has enjoyed. Now Musk is a true genius. All of them are because I believe that in no distant time, someone else will do to Musk what he did to Jeff. Jeff also is not going to relent, of course, every champion will always want to remain on top and whenever they get dispersed off their top spot, they never rest till they get back to the position which for years had always been their natural habitat.

I am so keen on becoming one of these guys and making the list of the world’s richest man is the goal. The good thing is, everyone has that same and equal opportunity but the question is, how many people are willing to do what the billionaires are doing? How many people are willing to sacrifice their sleep, put off watching TV, stay away from social media, read, exercise, meditate and most importantly and not least work so hard and outwork the rest of the pack?

I always emphasize work because I believe that it is one of the most interesting words in the world that if one engages so good at it will take one away from the grip of poverty forever. Why people are scared of working is the one thing that i can’t explain. The billionaires, they all work. The rich all work and they never stop working.

Look at their lifestyle, study them, you discover that every day, they live their lives around the circle of their businesses, everything they do is centered around their work. They are so good at what they do that you can hardly see them deviate from their normal working routine. Of course, you can’t change a working and profitable strategy. Whatever works for you is good to keep.

Elon Musk became the world’s richest man a couple of days ago and it was all over the news. Sure, such a feat can not go without the world talking about it. Again, the man did so in style. The rate at which his wealth grew in less than a year is amazing.

What’s even more amazing is that these billionaires are even making more money during the lockdown and global pandemic that is ravaging the world. Check it, people are dying in thousands, people are struggling to feed and survive while these men are busy making millions by the day. Have you ever thought about it? It was reported that they made more money than they ever made during the pandemic and, if it was you, will you wish the pandemic to be over anytime soon. I am beginning to think that there is more to this second wave of the Covid19 than we are been told. Don’t quote me, please.

The world talks about men who are achieving unimaginable feat so much that each time i turn on my device, the news of their achievement keep staring at me in the face. I ask myself, why? Why can’t i be the one that the world is talking about in this fashion? After all, nothing is stopping me from engraving my name into that book. There is no rule anywhere in the world that states that it is only men like Musk, Gates, Bezos, Mark, etc that should control all the world’s economy. Name like mine, Francis Elem C Aguguo (Now do not forget that name) will also make that lost and i am more passionate and delighted to the fact that it is already done and completed in my mind, the rest is just for me to keep working till it becomes a reality and the whole world could see and talk about it.

I will rather be in the news than read the news about other people.

Let me make one thing clear right now but before that, i believe that as long as i continue to have the right mindset and working mentality, i will get there.

God created every one of us equally and gave us all equal opportunities to be great and successful. Why it is only a few people that are utilizing their gifts judiciously and controlling the world is a theory i cannot explain but what am about to tell you now is, no matter what has been or what could be, i tell you this today that it is only a matter of time for you to also become one of the billionaires of this world but only if you decide, desire and are determined to become another one of the world’s richest man.

Nothing is impossible to those who believe.

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