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In life they say nothing good comes easy. Everything that has ever amounted to something great in life must have gone through the furnace of challenging pressures that almost made their accomplishment impossible. This is so as you can see in the case of every man who had achieved some amount of success in their life endeavors.

The billionaires that you see today did not start today, they didn’t just become billionaires over night. They had systematically worked their way through and through different kinds of pressures that almost seemed like they were never gonna become what they are or get to the position they currently occupy. That’s the power of consistency and faith in your ability.

If you are on the journey for success, you should know one thing and that is, life will never treat you fairly. Consistently life will always knock you off balance. That’s that moment in life when you feel like you have become nothing else than a complete failure. The moment you feel like nothing you do will ever amount to anything good. You try this and you try that yet, you fail and fail woefully. And, eventually, that’s the point where you will feel like it’s all over for you and you have no other option that to throw in the towel. But you know that if you do exactly that which is on your mind, I mean by throwing in the towel, you have become a complete loser and life will punish you even more and further down the line as long as you continue to exist.

Have you ever come across some old men who can’t cater for themselves and at the same time they are poor? If you have ever seen such men, getting old will be more scary for you than it naturally is. But, the truth is, this is what becomes of you too when you fail to conquer the life battles as they continue to come face to face with you. Once you quit, believe you me you are done for. As I said, life will deal with you more than you can ever imagine. You will become so wretched that even your children will be wishing you death because you can only become a liability to them.

Some of you might be feeling like, what the hell is he talking about but then, deep down in your soul, you know as much as i do that these things happen. Those who fail in life especially when they are young become miserable at old age. That’s a fact. Let’s say, just like me that have failed in so many businesses, you decide to continue working and enjoying the work that you do no matter the challenge that life throws at you, you will end well. That’s the compensation and nothing will hinder you from achieving that success that you are destined to achieve.

From the time that we were born to the time that we are currently, irrespective of our different age groups, we have been battling and bouting with life. Even till the day we die and leave the face of the Earth, the fight continues. Yes, this is the same way that our parents fought and they have done their part and left the rest for their kids, this is the same way your children will fight life till the day they too die and pass on the struggle to their children. Having said that, note that if you become someone who quits, what you are only passing on to your generation is nothing but how to be a quitter. After all, who best could they learn such skill from if not their ancestor who gave up. This will in turn make life more difficult for your offsprings.

You must not quit as the battle of life is not out their to kill you. It can only have such powers if you allow it and the only way that you can allow life destroy you is by quitting. When you quit, you lose everything but when you fight on you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Just as life will destroy you the moment you quit, the same life will reward you handsomely if you don’t quit and in the end people will use use as an example as someone who knows how to become successful just the same way the lives and biographies of billionaires are being studied today.

In today’s world, there seems to be so many pressure everywhere. From left, right and centre, too much pressure. The social media is not making it easy for anyone because everything you see on social media personally I can tell you is fake. So, I would suggest you embrace the pressure as long as it is the kind of pressure that your business brings. The kind of pressure that if you conquer it, you start generating considerable amount of money, those are the kinds of pressures you need to embrace. Open a business today and if you fail, open another one.

Try over and over again till you get it. The truth is, there are so many ways of doing things and arriving at success. There are different route to success and no one of the route taking is easy. All routes have their own kind of pressures that come along with them. Once you enbark on the journey of success, no matter the route you choose to take, one thing you should have at the back of your mind is that the jouney would be tough and you should position your mind, your heart and your entire body in readiness to whatever life throws at you because definitely, life will throw rocks at you.

If the richest man in the world tried a number of businesses and failed and then kept trying till he got to the status he is today, you have every reason to do the same. It won’t kill you if you fail, it can only make you stronger and in time you will become so powerful that life will give in to your demands, willingly.

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