Even if you don’t get a lot of support keep going

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Sometimes I asked myself why people are Stingy with their likes and comments on social media especially on apps like IG and YouTube but then I realised that humans majorly would always anticipate your failures the moment you take the first step towards your goal. People hardly support you. That’s no news, it is something I have come to discover and that’s why I no longer seek the validation of people when chasing my dreams.

I woke up this morning and saw the image above as attached to this post on IG. It really caught my attention because I was searching for a topic to write on. I had not published any topic here in days and I felt I needed to do something about it. Boom, I saw the image and, immediately I was blessed with a topic and I am thankful for that.

Your beginnings or should I say your starting period is the most trying times you will ever face.

Another difficult moment you will come across is when you get to the top, you need a lot more discipline to remain at the top. That could be a little easier because before getting to the top I want to believe that you had mastered discipline and as such, doing what got you to the top in the first place won’t be that difficult anymore.

Once you start a project and begin doing the necessary work required to ensure your business succeeds, you will meet a lot of resistance.

You might be thinking that you will get all the help in the world at the initial stage, if you relied on such thought you will fail because, let me shock you, no one cares and you will definitely get less support from even those who you thought were closest to you.

They might even be the set of people wishing you don’t succeed. Some people don’t want to see you grow financially and your closest friends might be among those who don’t want your progress. This is where I recommend you grow some thick skin towards other people’s opinions. Whether good or bad, you need to keep moving. Keep doing what you’re doing as long as you believe in it. You are your greatest support so give to yourself what no one else can give you. This way, you don’t even care if they exist or not because as they don’t care about you or if they do, try all they can to make sure you don’t succeed as the case may be, disregard what they do and show them that you do not care.

The opinions of others have a lot of potency that can destroy you only when you think about them.

They don’t really matter but to be able to develop a thick skin towards them you really need to learn to not care about them no matter how often they come and with time they would stop at the realization that nothing they ever do affects you. You juts have to keep going and with time, the inevitable will eventually happen.

People who’ve already made it keep getting more support than those who are trying everything possible to make it with their craft. We live in a society where people would rather see you fail than succed and the reason for that is because they are scared they cannot do what you can do. It might be the fear of feeling you will succeed where they failed so in other to make it feel that the project they failed at is impossible to achieve they will try every means necessary to ensure that you fail just like they did.

Prove them wrong and work on what you believe in. You will not get the necessary support from people you expect would give it to you. You might be surprised that the only people that would support you are people you don’t even know. Sometimes strangers are the most important people that you need because they are the people who might believe you more than even your families. This is why you need to build your market around strangers. A prophet is never appreciated in him home country. That quote is still valid till date.

I can tell you for a fact that there is a possibility that those closest to you want to see nothing else but your downfall. When you start a project, they’d already anticipated it’s failure. Some would go the length of painting a picture of how the project will crumble. They can brag it and hit their chest that you will never amount to anything. Some can even bet on it. Prove them wrong and make them lose their money hoping you don’t succeed by making success a lifestyle. You’ve got all that it takes in you and you don’t need anyone to tell you something different from what should be.

Most cases, people don’t see the amount of work done behind the scene. I love behind the scenes because that’s where greatness comes from. You must learn to spend quality time there. That’s where you prepare yourself against the world. That’s where you make everything possible. Once the work is done there and achieved, you will become unstoppable. No matter what they say, concentrate more at behind the scene. Most great people, even when they show the world what they do, sometimes there is a possibility that they’re only showing you what you want to see. They could be showing you their failures and challenges that they are encountering but in the real sense of it they are making huge progress. After all, you wanted to see them fail so they would give you the illusion that they are actually failing to satisfy your wickedness.

Try this instead of seeking their support. It can even keep you away from prying eyes that may go a distance just to to ensure that their predictions of your failures came to pass. Show them what they want to see and make them feel that their predictions are accurate while you concentrate on your growth. No matter how hard it is, with focus you will get to the finish line. Focus and concentrate on your growth. That’s what you need and not the validation of others or their support that may never come.

In the end, when you have finally made it, everyone of those who never believed in you will join the many to congratulate you. After all said and done, you deserve to be congratulated. Work so you can earn it.


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