Excuse is the reason why you’re stagnant!

Elem C
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People who make excuses don’t grow! They are always looking for excuses to justify their actions which mostly are inactions and failures.

This is not in anyway to make failure look bad because we know and I personally believe that failure is good for growth. That is if you learn from it. This is what only those who embrace it willingly understand but those who do not fail, to understand that failure is good for them because they never grow from it. As I had written in one of our publications earlier that I have failed woefully on a number of projects and not just that I failed, I lost so much money as a result of my failure.

Despite that, I didn’t stop. I kept going. You wouldn’t probably be reading this now if I stopped. I rememeber when I started my journey as a writer, oh, Christ, it seemed like the most difficult thing I had to do but I enjoyed every bit of it, even though I was failing like an idiot. It became so interesting the way I was failing. You know, I was also reading books and studying the writing style of a lot of authors and writers. That way I was becoming better.

The first time I started writing, I was not impressed with what I wrote and I felt like I was never going to be better because everything was out there to scare me.

You are not good, you are not confident, you can never survive as a writer. One day I asked myself, Elem, I said, what makes you think you can survive as a writer?

This doubt kept creeping into my mind that I started making excuses as to why I was failing. Even before I could write a word i have tons of excuses built up in my mind that I would feel after all I have reasons not to write anymore. Why should I write when my previous write ups made no sense.

You see, I had not even shown what I wrote to anyone to critique because I felt I was not good enough and my writing was nothing to be proud of.

One day, very early in the morning, I woke up and right there in my bed I picked up my phone and started tying. I didn’t care what was happening, I just kept writing and writing and guess what, I was loving it. Don’t forget I am a very good song writer to the glory of God. God gives these gifts and you must return all the glory to him. I wrote most of my songs with the help of the holy spirit and most of the things that I write about too are based on inspiration from the Almighty so I will always return all glory to him still.

That morning as I was writing, with time, I noticed that I had written close to eight hundred words and almost an MSW page was full. You needed to see the joy in my heart that day. I titled my article “Nemesis of alcohol”. I posted it on Facebook and I got a lot of comments and reviews. The next morning I wrote another and I turned it into sseries. I wrote up to ten series. It was awesome. Unfortunately, just like so many manuscripts, scripts that I had written in the past, I lost them all.

Did that stop me, oh no. The journey just began. The joy of Victory outweighed the feeling of failure that I had witnessed in the passed. Guess what, it wasn’t like I had mastered the craft. In most cases I would think of what to write and I won’t come up with any concept and it felt like I was losing it. However, I was writing everything and anything. I will just write for no reason. The more I did it no matter how hard it felt the better I got. This was when I decided I was goin to write a book.

I didn’t plan for the book but I wrote it. Every morning, on my way to work while inside the bus, I was always typing with my nokia simbian E5 series mobile device. This was how I did till I finished my first book with my phone. That book was never published though. The title was “You’re still very important”. I guess I will look into that book and see how I can refine it for publication.

Since that time, I tried writing everyday till all of a suddenly I lost the spirit. The zeal was gone. I lost my phone and I had no writing tool. Thankfully I applied for a writing job online with my wife’s device and got it, I had to start writing again and doing all I could to get published. I earned about 20k per month depending on the number of my articles ublished. That job really helped me that time. I almost cried when the job came to an end because it was improving me big time as a writer.

Well, this story I am telling you today is huge and it is another topic entirely. My whole life is lesson. Sometimes I look back and laugh at myself at some of the foolish things I did in the past but it was all worth it. Sometimes I stayed awake all night observing and worrying myself out whether my articles would be published and when they don’t get published I would rain curses on the editor because I felt I had put in so much work for my jobs to be rejected.

You can see that there is a lesson in the little story of mine that I just shared with you. The power of consistency that we have always been talking about and the fact that I was able to forge ahead and not complain or give excuses even when I was failing. Who was I even going to complain to? What I was doing was for myself and there was no two ways about it, is either I get it or I don’t. I just had no other option than to get better.

Excuses are bad for you. They affect your health and stagnate your growth. There is nothing that can be achieved by giving excuses. In most cases, excuses come to you with good, tangible and valid reasons but no matter how beautiful they might seem, if you have the intention to become better, do what you need to do. Run from excuses the way you would an enemy.


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