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I want to start this post by saying a very big thanks to our audience, to all of you that have stayed with us from inception till date. Obviously you are the reason why we keep pushing even in the midst of current challenges affecting us and every other business out there. As I said in the last article we published before now, we have been working on the third edition of our magazine and we are at least sixty percent done, hopefully we should release it to the public in no timet. That’spartly one of the major reasons why we have not been posting our usual daily articles. Apologies for that.

There was an article we published early this year about a title like ” 9 to 5 will not make you Rich . I am not so certain but you can look it up on the site and read it. I have been meaning to continue on that topic because the truth is there is a lot to be talked about when it comes to Such topic and in today’s world a lot of people are currently in such precarious position. You can’t really blame them though but, the truth has to be said anyways. However, I chose to do something different but in relation with the same topic as earlier highlighted.

Without further ado let me start by sharing a story with you. First, I didn’t take permission from the person directly involved so I will like to keep her indentity private. But, she is somebody very close to me. The lady here was working as a primary school teacher. She had worked with a number of schools from the year 2008 to 2021. She taught and moved from one school to another and for about thirteen years that she worked as a teacher she never earned up to N20,000 and she continued and carried on with her teaching job for all those years without considering any other job. All she ever thought of was teaching and it felt like nothing else mattered.

Even her employers made her feel like they were doing her a favor. I remember, before quitting her last teaching job, she was the head teacher of the school she taught at and she earned just 17k as the head teacher for more than 5 years without any consideration of increasing the salary from her boss. Colleagues were jealous of the fact that someone younger than they are was the head teacher and a lot of them conspired against her and eventually her boss found the perfect reason and asked her to quit which she did without a second thought.

Before the incident that led to her leaving her teaching job arose, she had managed to raise some money to start up clothing a business which was already booming slightly. As a matter of fact, she was considering quitting her teaching job because she never had the chance to concentrate on her business except when they are on some kind of break. And, she had started getting the taste of extra money, profits and the joy of being your own boss without any one ordering you around while you make even more money at your own time.

Pictures below is the business outlet of the story we are discussing.

The taste of success is so sweet that once you manage to feel it you will do everything possible to retain it.

This is why immediately she was asked to tender her resignation by her boss, she did so swiftly without thinking twice.

I happen to have a one on one conversation with the lady in question after she had left her teaching job. Guess what, she told me she never knew that she was wasting her time all those years she worked as a teacher because in one day she made more than what she had ever made in a month as a teacher. You can imagine such a revelation and how this salary of a thing could blind some people for so many years. What’s annoying is some of those employers will still make you feel like you can’t survive without them. As the saying goes, if one door does not close another will not open and sometimes you might just realise that there were so many opened doors but for the fact that you were just not willing to think outside the box you just might not realise the numerous opportunities out there for you.

In the world today, especially in Nigeria where the prices of goods keep rising, salary is the only one that has remained the same. There is an increase in the prices of everything and no increase in salary so tell me, how on Earth will majority of those salary earners survive? This is why we as a people have to start making other plans, that is if we have not already started. No matter how juicy it might seem, salary can never make you wealthy and the truth is, whatever money you make as a salary earner is determined by your boss. Only your employer can determine how rich you can be unless you change that and how can you do that. This is what I expect everyone reading this to be thinking of.

The world is in a state where one should be thinking of duplicity of income, cash flows, assets and all necessary means of growing ones personal income. Salary alone can never make that happen. Salary work is never a permanent work. Come to think of it, working for another man is more like slavery, you give them your time and they give you pittance in return which is never equivalent to the amount of time you give them. On top of that, they control almost every aspect of your life and guess what, your kids can never inherit your job.

What’s the point of doing something you can’t pass on to your generation for years? What this simply tells me is you can actually work for someone but for only a limited time. For the fact that it is not everyone that can own a business, those who can should put a time limit to how long they can work for others and set the ball of beginning their own business rolling as soon as possible because in the end, your generation will have you to thank for making such a decision for their consideration.

I hope this article makes a great impact in your life after reading it.


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