Exposed: Why you should never be a good student!

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A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a whatsaPP video that was strangely funny but true, in the video, a man was seen lamenting of how our parents used to get upset and flog us back in the days for failing at school, comparing their kids with other kids that were always ahead in class. This is one of the major trending topics in the 90s and early 2000s. back in the days all parents wanted was for their kids to go school and get good grades because they believed that success only comes as a result of good grades. Yes, that’s true only for those that want to end up living averagely on earth even in the midst of plenty. Whether today or tomorrow, I have always said it that there is too much money to be made on earth and one thing I do not want to regret is how much resources and how many years that I wasted in school for just paper certificate that are doing nothing to make my life better.

As I was saying in that video that I saw, the man highlighted how his father berated him all the time for failing in class. He would compare him with other kids calling him stupid and foolish. A lot of parents did that in the past because they all believed that, it was through school system that success or wealth can be achieved. If only they knew what we know now. Today we live in a generation where you don’t have to be a graduate to be driving a million dollar car or living in a mansion worth billions of others, all the people controlling the wealth of the world today are not so intelligent. Everybody is an idiot so never you think that you are the only idiot in the room just because you failed your WAEC or your exams or because you did not get good grades as your parents expected.

Most of the people that were good students back in the days are doing well as they should today, guess what, they are working in the banks and other organizations owned by most of those that were considered stupid and foolish because they failed constantly in class. Go and do your research and you will discover what I am telling you this very minute, my guy would say, go to Lekki today and you will find out that most of those buying houses worth billions and erecting mansions are those that failed in class, he even dared anyone to show him any of those fellows that were passing their exams in class that’s doing well financially today, the truth is that most of them are just ok be asses to their bosses who were their mates back in school topping the classes from the bottom.

Let me digress a little, though is essential to this topic. Listen, I have worked for others and at the same I have been working and growing my business systematically and gently, is not easy but one thing I can say and guarantee you is that it always pay to work on your business than for others. Because then, only you can determine how rich you want to get and how high you want to fly. Since I discovered this truth that I am sharing with you, I have decided that I will not flog or say any negatives words to my kids if they ever fail in class, I will rather encourage them to do their best and if the normal school system in not the path they want to toll I will encourage them to do whatever they want to do in life besides going to school today is too expensive and the school system in today’s world offers little to each and everyone of us.

Remembering how I suffered everyday trekking to and fro to school I wish I could just turn back the hands of time, whats more annoying is that no one forced me to struggle my way to the university, as a matter of fact, peer pressure forced me into that because I had the choice of not going but I succumbed to the pressure and in the end today that certificate is almost a waste as I am doing nothing absolutely with it. Considering how much I spent for those years in the university and how much I had to spend to get my certificate I simply wish I had someone that could give me the same advice that I dishing out here right now. Billionaires today will tell you that school is good, of course it is but deep in their heart they know that schooling was not what gave them wealth. They would tell you is okay to go to school because if you know what they know about going to school you would want to be doing the kind of things that they are doing and by then they would not have a good number of brilliant students to handle the affairs of their businesses while they take time to enjoy their lives and make more money sleeping. You get the point now like the Billionaire Prince-white would say.

This is not to completely rubbish the school system, my parents gave me that gift because they thought it was the best thing they can give to me as their child. My kids are going to school simply because I want them to get the basic knowledge and grab some basic common sense that those early education brings. When they grow, it would be theirs to decide if they want to further their education or not. What I can do for them as their parent is to support whatever decision they have taken and I will never force to do what I think is the best for them because things change everyday and as they grow older they would be in the best position to determine whether or not they want their lives to work but I can only guild them while they are young to keep trying new things and failing or making mistakes because in the end that’s the most important form education and that remains the only kind of education that makes billionaires what they are today. Good students are only good employees while bad students of those days are the employers of labour today. We will continue on this topic later. See you

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