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I have been thinking of writing something about this but couldn’t come up with a topic until I saw something about the topic on Chuks WhatsApp status, then it clicked to me that this was the perfect topic for the write up I was gradually building up in mind. I have in the past written about failure, i decided to write more on it because of its importance. I have learned to start asking my sons some questions that you might think is ridiculous regarding their attitude when it comes to failure. I encourage them to fail at something everyday especially if it is something new.

A couple of days ago, my wife gave my sons some academic work to do. These boys have been home since the first pandemic and they are just about to resume school. You can imagine the many months of playing that they have both had while sitting at home and disturbing the whole house, giving we their parents constant headache day in day out. So as i was saying, my wife gave them their works immediately after launch. One will be in basic three while the other, my second son, well, i can’t tell. They started their work and after about one hour of battling with the academic problems they’re to solve, my first son failed some of his work.

My other boy was not perturbed at all, whether or not he failed, he didn’t care. I liked the attitude but my worry is just that his play is too much that he can’t even remember something as simple as his four-times multiplication table. After their mom marked their work, the senior son, having realized he failed about four of the questions after taking correction from his mother, went by the staircase and started crying. He cried so badly that I got worried.

I was worried about how he handled his failure. I had to call him immediately and started speaking with him. First, i had to make him understand that failing is good and that is not the end of the world besides he has many other opportunities to correct his errors. I played “Try again” by Aaliyah for him. I explained the content of the song to him that when you try something first and you don’t succeed, the best thing for you to do is to dust yourself up and try again.

I made failure look like a beautiful thing to him so he would understand it from a different angle. Most times the way and manner we stigmatize people who tried something and failed or the way we make failure seem like is deadlier than death itself is the reason why so many people are scared of coming out of their comfort zone because they dread failure as they wouldn’t want anyone to mock or laugh at them just because they failed.

Those who failed at something are far much better than those who are just spectators, watching and waiting to see when those who are making effort will fail. One thing is, the more you fail the more your chances of success. In no time, you will become a master of that thing that you have been failing at, all your life. The keyword is, consistency, just keep trying, no matter how many times you fail, the only truth is, you will finally arrive at the finished line as a winner.

Failure just like success was also designed by God. It is a way to test our resilience to ascertain whether we have got what it takes to survive it. When we fail and come back stronger, even if we fail again, we will always come back up, stronger than ever before.

On the contrary, failure is a beautiful thing. It turns you into a more refined fellow who has gone through the process of fortification and is now ready to dissipate its grandeur.

People should stop making failure look like a bad thing especially those who believe they are the most brilliant pupils in the class. You can’t blame them, they are merely showcasing what they were taught from their parents who must have portrayed failure as a deadly poison to them. Check out some of these people, those who were good at failing are doing more in the race of life than them. Some of them are so poor that they can’t feed themselves. Some of them are even employees in the companies owned by their classmates who were failures during their days in school.

I read a story of a man who always asks his kids what they failed at everyday, i learned that and i am already practicing it. I want them to understand that since no one wants to see their kids fail, that it is not fatal. Failure does not mean death. It means you have the opportunity to try again and when you get such an opportunity, it also gives you the room to understand the problem better.

People attach so much importance to failure as they always make it look like those who failed would never make it in life. Sorry to disappoint you, those who failed, as long as they had the will and resilience to try again, are always more successful than those who never failed. This is what so many people will find hard to admit but ask most rich people they will tell you exactly the truth that they all failed at some point in their pursuit of wealth.

Do you know how many times the majority of the great people that we still hear their names today even after centuries of their demise failed? Let’s not even go into that so we can face some other things. The truth is, failure is not as bad as most people make it look. Anybody can fail and if you fail, yours is not so bad. You have a reason to repeat the class and when you do, do so with all pleasure. Don’t get intimidated because out of everyone in the class you are the only one with the opportunity to get the lesson twice or more.

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