Happiness is not free, Money can buy happiness!

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I have been accused of loving money too much by some people just because I talk about it at every chance I get, you know what, I am glad about that. Such accusations are fantastic reviews to me. It clearly shows that people are listening and they understand completely what I talk about all the time. Another thing is, the more I talk about money the more I attract money. 

You will never see me talk about money in a negative way, money is good is one thing you will always hear me say and to help those accusing me of loving money even the more, hear me now as I loud it, I love money.

The difference between you and i is you do not have the courage to talk about what you love just because you don’t have it and you tend to justify your lack of not having it by hating it and demonizing those that have it. That’s a shame. A sin. And you need to repent from it if you want money to come your way. Money is good and money brings Happiness.

I almost forgot the reason why we are making this post today. The truth is, I just want to use this opportunity to debunk this happiness is free fallacy that poor people, a set of group where I once belonged use to justify their poverty. Sorry if I am too blunt. I have also been accused of that. The truth is, we now live in a world where the truth is hardly accessed. People tend to leave the truth behind their doors whenever they step out of their houses and now scarcity of truth keeps getting on the rise day by day.

Pardon me, if I become the only person to say things concerning this topic the way they are, I really don’t mind whose ox is gord. I will say it and you must hear it. That balances the equation. Happiness is not free. Do you want me to repeat that? Let me say it again, happiness is not free. My wife and I got into this conversation some time ago and, it reverberated the dawning effect I once had that most of the things we read on social media are deceitful. This is why till date, I don’t take viral topics online seriously.

I am an artist. I switched from secular music to Gospel after looking at my life and realising that the truth source of happiness is God and the belief in Jesus Christ the way but then, that’s a huge price to pay. That’s when you can get the true happiness. Is it really free? It isn’t. Christ paid with his life. I might be speaking the mind of some set of men who see themselves as men of God even though they might disagree with me. Let me state clear that every man is a man of God because the same way God created your pastors, he created you.

So talking about the price for happiness. I believe that happiness is not free. Most of your celebrities who come online to take some nice shorts and post happiness is free are only doing that to deceive you. If it is, they will never tell you because naturally, humans don’t usually share the source of their wealth or money freely. If they do, you will never pay for most online courses that are flooding everywhere. Nothing is free in this world, not even happiness.

The celebrity sharing a post and saying happiness is free hasn’t told you the amount of stress he or she had to endure before coming out with the best short to deceive you. Do you even know how much photoshoot cost? That’s huge and that post that’s looking so beautiful online was not free ayways. Ok, let’s say your celebrities got free photoshoots from time to time but can you? The reason is to advertise the photographer who will then bill you heavily if you go for the same shoot. This is the same way they post for brands. Happiness is free but your celebrities will never do anything freely for you and even if they do the whole world must hear about it. Showbiz is showbiz for one reason, it is a business directed to generate revenue.

The happiness is free talks is simply a myth. That’s why the rate at which people commit suicide keeps increasing. Everyone wants something for nothing and when they don’t get it they become frustrated. Happiness is not free but you can be happy when paying the price for happiness. Look, forget that nonsense they tell you about money that it cannot buy you happiness, money will buy happiness and duplicate it as a matter of fact. Even if it can’t which I don’t believe, I will always choose to have money.

Poor people suffer the most and they are the once who believe and claim that happiness is free when in reality they are not happy. You can’t really blame them much because they have been brainwashed by what they see on social media which is only their to portray nothing else but falsehood. If happiness is free, why not tell your favorite celebrities to empty their bank accounts, give all they’ve got to charity and be broke just a little bit. You will never see them come online again to say that happiness is free.

Have you ever been broke and all of a sudden you got an alert and money was sent into your bank account for a job you did or somehow? Such feeling is golden. I know how I feel whenever I check my account balance and see enough fund in it and how sad I feel when my account balance is red. The feeling of having money in your account is great and the happiness that comes with it is s real. Likewise, the feeling when their is zero balance in your account can make you want to hang yourself.

One of my staff once made a remarkable comment on our WhatsApp group forum many years back when he got his first salary, he said, Bank alert can raise a dead body from the grave. A case of dry bone shall rise again. Tell me, don’t you feel the same whe you get an unexpected alert? I am not talking about miracle alert that some people are now using to scam the great multitude of the ignorant poor. I am talking of the alert you get from your customers for a service you rendered or selling a product. You feel this sense of accomplishment and to tell you the truth, that’s one hell of a great source of happiness.

More on this topic next week.

God bless you



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