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There is something about faith that till date a lot of people do not still understand. Faith is very important in everything we do even, or especially in business.

Understanding the concept of faith will go a long way in repositioning entrepreneurs. No doubt faith without work is dead as we were all taught back then in church.

People misuse this concept a lot. This is why for example in Africa and, Nigeria to be precised, you see a lot of able young men and women going to worship centres every minute of the day expecting manna from the sky all in the name of faith.

This is not how it works. With faith you can move mountain does not mean you should sit and fold your hands and then comman Olumo rock to move out of the way for you. Come on, who are you deceiving?

The scripture spoke about faith so many times and, the scripture also spoke so much about the importance of work. I highlighted in one of our post on this. You can refer to 2Thesalonians chapter 3 for this.

Faith is so important that without it you cannot please God. I didn’t say that, the Bible did. You should have faith and then, you should not also be lazy.

God gave everyone ability. All of us is blessed with one thing or the other that we can work on to become better people. There is a gift unique for everyone and that gift is an investment that God has bestowed on all and he expects that we put them to good use for greater benefits, to humanity.

We cannot make anything happen just by sitting and watching in faith.

Things can only change when we make a decision to work on the gift that God gave us. You have lot of work to do when it comes to harnessing your gift and trusting your ability to make something work and this is where the real faith comes in.

Faith in your ability to make something out of the ordinary or out of nothing is by working and putting your time, energy and ability into good use. This is when your faith will be utilised at the highest level.

A lot of people are scared to death of working on their dreams and aspirations and they fail to make use of their potentials. Eventually, they end up wasting the gift of God that was evenly given them. This is a sad reality and it is something that can happen to anyone especially when you are so scared to do what you were designed to do.

Fear is deadly. Fear can rob you off your destiny and make you so miserable that you can hardly recognise yourself.

Your existence was ordained by God and the means and gifts for making a difference was also giving to you just like those who are already making use of theirs.

Fear can freak you out that you begin to dread the smallest things in life. Even starting your business can become so cumbersome as a result of fear. Fear can make you begin to see yourself as entirely useless.

The truth is, it took me many years to conquer fear. As a matter of fact I am still working on totally eradicating it because let’s face it, fear cannot completely be eradicated. Yes, you can conquer it but it will still continue to present itself to you wherever the chance and opportunity call for it.

Fear knows exactly when to strike.

It will strike at the point when you are most vulnerable, though, especially when you have the best chance of making the greatest impact.

Fear robs you off of the opportunity to become a better version of yourself for the service of humanity. Fear can make you poor. If you have a good business idea that can make you rich but fear is stopping you from starting or pursuing that business or idea, how then will you make money out of it. You obviously cannot.

Fear can even kill you. There are so many people who died as a result of fear. They succumbed to fear and paid a heavy price with their lives. This things happen.

Fear can cause you depression. There have been some cases where fear of the unknown caused some people to be depressed. I am saying this because I have had the opportunity of witnessing them. In as much as I am not stating instances or calling names do not mean that the points are not clear.

For example, I have been attacked on a number of occasions by armed men and I know the amount of trauma that caused me and my family. We lived in that fear for so many years before conquering it. If you find yourself in such circumstance, I guarantee you, that you will feel the same. Such for example could be as a result of external force and one might not entirely be blamed for it but it is your responsibility to see that such does not define who you are or what your future should be.

You should learn to outgrow fear no matter how it is or how it comes to you. Fear that is been harbored for so long will only destroy you so you must try by all means necessary to ensure that you conquer fear. The best way to do that is to look at the opposite side of it.

The other side of fear they say is where everything becomes a possibility. Faith can go a long way in eradicating fear. Faith in your ability that you can deliver and become a better person. Faith in the work that you do to bring you the income necessary. Faith in your ideas, dreams and aspirations and starting that your business and making a great impact on Earth.

Faith compelety destroys fear and if you can conquer this fear completely with faith and by working on your ability everyday, you are one step away from becoming one of the greatest people that will walk the face of this Earth. 

It is all a matter of choice.

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