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I want to start this 2021 by first wishing our readers a happy new year and a successful 2021 ahead. It will indeed be a great year for all of us despite the challenges that we might likely encounter as the year moves on. Speaking of challenges, there is no doubt to the fact that every year comes with its peculiar challenges. We saw it with Covid-19 in 2020. 2020 had them in a lot. So many deaths, depression, recession, diseases, sicknesses, etc.

And sicknesses! I must say I am very delighted to be back here after so many gruesome challenges that have hindered me from delivering some of the beautiful articles to spur you to action as I have regularly done in the past. I had lots of things I had written about to make you see reasons why despite the challenges that 2020 brought, we could all still end it on a high but unfortunately, my health challenges which have persisted for over eight months created hitches and I had to face my health squarely even though we are still believing that the healing will eventually be perfected by his grace. I was sick, still very sick that I could not write down a word. I have battled with my health for so long and I am trying so hard to come out of this challenge as a victor and that I certainly believe will be the case.

Let’s cut the chase. I have felt so empty all this while. All my days while in the hospital, receiving treatment, I felt like a part of me was taking away. I could not do me. The usual things I did like writing, creating, and all of that was kept on hold. Health first I guess. I was writing a book titled “health is not wealth but a gift”. As I speak to you, having gone through the enfeeble health challenges I have gone through, I had to rethink the title and content of that book because whoever came up with such a quote saw exactly what I ignored or refused to see. The truth is “health is wealth”. Let me say that again in caps ” HEALTH IS WEALTH

Still, on the health issue, I must warn you at this time on the importance of taking care of your health because one thing I have come to discover is that, if due to daily pursuant of money and other means of livelihoods, you refuse to take care of your health and monitor it, one day certainly, you will break down and when you do, it will not be easy to recuperate. All the money you had been gathering will be used for your treatment and you will still borrow to continue treating yourself. “Health is wealth” if you have health without money, you have everything. Health is a gift, do not joke or mess around with your health. Health is the one thing that God has given us freely and if you still have yours, nurture it and take care of your health no matter what it will take you because when you do not take care of your health, one day your health might not be strong enough to take care of you and what that means is you will break down and call in sick.

I decided to start my first post of the year by talking about the importance of health because i spent more than half of my 2020 treating myself. I was always visiting the hospital. I don’t know what to call it. Whether i was on a real mission to decipher some serious lessons on the importance of health or, i wouldn’t know. I have always acknowledged that health is a gift from God and never believed the saying that health is wealth as i stated earlier. Now i believe it. You know, while i had been treating myself, my life was kept on hold. I mean, what can you do when you are sick? Nothing. The first thing is you must get well first before any other thing. When you are sick, nothing else matters. Your money, your family, your businesses, your projects, all that no longer appeal to you. What matters most to you is getting your life back and enjoying your health once more.

I was admitted to the hospital for about 9 different occasions in 2020, and each of those times, i spent about 7 days in the hospital. That’s about 63 days or more in the hospital in 2020. During those periods i spent money, i inconvenienced a lot of people. I was dependent and could not do anything on my own even as i write this. Still in that situation and writing in pain, this seems like the only thing i could bring myself together to do to save my sanity. Not being you and being able to do the things that give you joy when you do them can kill you and the only thing that can put one in a situation of such incapacity is nothing else i can point at except illness. This is why we have decided to make it a core value, bringing to the consciousness of our readers the benefits of caring so much for our health and making it a priority that health will come first in our daily hustles despite what it is we are chasing.

Putting your health first is akin to the scripture that says, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you. And, when i say health first, i don’t mean you should put your health in place of God, God comes first in all that we do. What i mean is, before any other thing when it comes to your daily activities and pursuant, let your health be the number one thing you take care of because when you have good health, you will be able to take care of other things as they concern your life.

I welcome you to 2021 in a perfect health condition

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