How to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor

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Let me start this piece by first saying this very loud and clear as a warning that, you must constantly and consistently do everything, legitimately, possible, in your power to attain success. I said everything in your power with the realisation of the fact that you must first start doing something and, that first step must start from you before any other thing can happen for you.

I have come to a point in my life where I tell myself that I have no business or whatsoever with poverty therefore, I must do everything I can to escape its grip. I do not fear it, no doubt because, fear is one major, ultimate factor that breeds in so many vices that can destroy one’s personality.

I have tested poverty, so I can confidently tell you for free that, it left me with a very terrible, sour taste that I have made a personal decision to do everything within my power and the help of God to possibly liberate myself and my family from the endearing grip of poverty. I started by doing some certain things.

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Some say the rich also cry. My question is, how often do the rich cry? I can guarantee you that inasmuch as the rich also cry, the poor cry longer and harder. I’d rather cry as a rich man than cry as a poor man.

Today in our present world, the difference between the rich and the poor keeps increasing and the line keeps getting longer. This gap needs to be bridged.

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Coming from a poverty background and now, enjoying some little wealth to the glory of God, I must tell you, the feeling is great.

And, I write this, to tell you exactly that, I will always choose to be rich even in my next world.

Some of our tested and trusted success footprints have been laid out for you and, following such roadmap means that God forbid if I happen to find myself in my previous status, I will follow the same processes as laid out in our first publication of pathfinders magazine here
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This piece you are reading was born out of careful and many years of studies and experiments which led me to conclude that both the rich and the poor made their choices which became a result of the position they currently occupy in the society.

The rich are the pathfinders.

Before I conquered poverty I had to learn the mystery behind amassing wealth and, is really, very simple. No one will tell you these secrets because they are like a puzzle that requires you to deliberately pay careful attention to understand them. The rich know this and they hardly talk about it. They’d rather watch you remain in your poverty and ignorance, wallowing in misery while they keep reaping the wealth that should naturally go round.

The truth is, there is money everywhere you look but why you are still poor is because you are so blind to see the opportunities that you need to take advantage of to become a different you. You need to take your name away from the book of poverty and add it to the book of riches. Our magazine publication here
can teach you exactly how.

Due to the fact that time is money and there is money to be made, I will love to end this piece here by telling you for a fact that the difference between the rich and the poor is simple, the rich simply chose to do the one thing that the poor have refused to do.

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