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The Euro 2020 and the Copa America just ended recently and to the delight of football fans around the world, we saw Lionel Messi eventually celebrated for winning his first international trophy in his entire blistering career.

Lionel Messi as we know is a GOAT. One of the greatest of all time as far as the game of soccer is concerned. He has paid his dues long ago and the way he exhibits his skills in the field of play you most likely will want to call him a god.

Sprezzatura is the word. He performs his magic as if he does nothing. He seems to perform it effortlessly. Lionel Messi is so gifted that he carrried his team on his shoulders for so many years. Whenever he’s not at his A game, the teams most likely will lose the game.

He’s got the Midas touch and it almost seems as if the football understands the commanding language from the master himself that whatever he chose to do with thd ball, he does it so well to the amazement of even majority of his opponents. He dazzles the crowd. Barcelona does not want to let him go by every means. They so have their grip on him that it is almost choking the footballer.

No one can literally be compared to how good Messi is. Yes, there is Christiano Ronaldo who is equally as good as Lionel himself but there is a big difference between the two greatest of all greats. Let’s not go into comparison here because that’s not what this post is meant for.

This is a post is created to educate you on something very important, a message, an experience by one of the greatest footballer of all time that we just recently witnessed. As good as Messi is, he truly deserves all the accolades. He deserves to win all the trophies there is to be won in the game of soccer and sure he has won them all except those that also mattered just as much.

Majority of sports fans do not see Messi as one of the greatest just because the major international trophies have eluded him for so many years. He battled, he fought, he struggled. He gave his best to his country team just for those trophies but they still eluded him.

I remember how terrible the Argentine felt after losing the last world cup finals. He cried. That was even at the point when everyone felt he was going to win the gold but what happened, once again, the ultimate price went to the opposing side.

Messi has giving everything to the game, to both club and country. A player who started very young and now approaching the end of his career, having fought so hard to win all the gold, come to think of it, he deserves all the gold. He is that good. The Copa America was not coming. The world cup was not equally coming.

I would say it had a lot to do with his home team as well because you can’t underestimate the importance of team work in the game of soccer. Even though Messi carried the burden of his teams on his shoulders and the dependency on him was too much, in as much as he was so good, he could not do it alone.

Let’s not go into the importance of team work because a post has already been made on that and soon it will get published. Let’s concentrate on the sacrifices and the wait that the greatest player of all time who handled the ball with ease and brilliance had to endure before getting his hands on the priced Copa America.

The Argentines depended so much on Messi with the same amount of dependency they had on the late superstar Diego Maradona. So if Messi did everything in the game of soccer without bringing home the Copa America or the World Cup, it will seem as though he achieved nohing.

Truly, the man was under immense pressure to deliver either of both titles before his retirement. Recall that Messi retired from international soccer after the loss he encountered at the last World Cup. I guess so, I am so sorry, am not sure exactly if it was immediately after the World Cup but it was on the news that the veteran had retired.

When I heard the news what came to mind is that finally, he gave up. I believe the announcement was made out of frustration. He must have felt that either of the trophies were never gonna be his. Maybe he felt he wasn’t good enough as the world thought he was, or, that, he does not have what it required to put his country back on the world map when it comes to soccer just like his older counterpart did.

Once again, I believe that in the right frame of his mind, he reconsidered and weighed his options. Of course if he continued he had nothing else to lose but he could gain everything and there is possibility of eventually winning the ultimate price. He waited. He worked and sacrificed continuously, with the tenet that he could achieve it and in the end, the inevitable was the case like we all witnessed just recently.

Guess what, for the first time in so many years, Argentina defeated Brazil and won the Copa America. Messi and his team mates celebrated like never before. This is not point, the fact that Messi won the price was for sure a certainty that it would happen as long as he never gave up. And that did happen as we saw it. The point here is how many years the GOAT himself had to wait.

He waited for 17 years and 114 days to win the Copa America for the first time in his celebrated career as a football player. If the best of the best could wait that long, how much more you.

If you must accomplish your dreams, you must be able to wait no matter how long it takes. It can never be accomplished in a day, a week or a month, it might take years or less, the bottom line is, if you truly believe in that dream then you must work and wait for it to be accomplished and you must constantly work in getting better at what you do. That way just like we witnessed in the case of Lionel Messi, accomplishing that which you so much desire becomes inevitable.

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