It does not matter when you start, what matters is how well you are doing!

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When men like Warren Buffet started making money, people like me have not been born. I guess my parents may not have even started dating by then. That man has made money all his life and I believe thats about the only thing he knows how to do. No wonder he’s among the few who control the world’s economy. He has been among the top ten rich men in the world for as long as I have known how to think and it doesn’t look like he’s goin to be exiting that list soon though, that’s not impossible since there are still people like Jeff Bezos and one wealth Titan that keeps surprising everyone called Elon Musk.

We have a number of articles on these men in the site that I think you should read and thankfully most of our articles here will be useful to you even in hundred years today so whether or not you stumble on it today, you will still find it beneficial. The article is on who will make the first thrillion in this battle between the two two richest men on Earth.

You can as well do yourself a favor by clicking the link above to read that article.

Our main goal for this site has always been about wealth, success and how to make money. When I say how to make money I don’t mean just money I mean wealth, in the real sense of wealth. The kind of wealth that this money magnet of man called Elon Musk controls. How does he do that?

I used to think that Jeff was a guru at maintaining the top spot. Indeed he was but don’t forget that no champion rules forever. Jeff has maintaned the top spot for years while the number one man today likewise others trailed, working and doing everything possible to knock him off the perch. Don’t forget about people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet like we earlier mentioned that have been amassing wealth for so many years. Before such men existed of course there were other men who controlled the world’s economy. There are even men today who are so rich that people like Musk can’t be compared to that majority of the world’s population don’t know of. Well, that’s a topic for another day. With what people like Jeff and Musk have done, topping the billionaires list for years like Jeff all of a sudden and now Musk, you can see that everyone has equal chance of becoming wealthy. Of course these men didn’t come from a wealthy background as a lot of people will assume. They worked there way to the top where they currently occupy.

I might not be accurate with my calculations but I think I can also point out to the fact that when Buffet started making money, Musk and Jeff could as well be in school or doing whatever they were doing at the time and no one really knows them. Today, Elon Musk is the richest man on Earth. He’s done so well that in such a short space that I stand to wonder what kind of guys the man has. In less than two years he has been able to make more money than Warren made in 90 years as a billionaire. Yes, Warren investment strategy may be the slow kind of wealth accumulation but now we have come to realize as people like Musj is teaching us that we can scale as fast as we can depending on how willing and courageous we are. I am certain that a number of you reading this probably k ow who Elon is and might as well know when he started. Some people are good at following others progress so I know what I am saying. If Elon can do it, what makes you think you can’t.

Elon has shown that no time is perfect t for you to start making money. The perfect time for you to start is now. Elon just like a number of the billionaires we know today didn’t start at the most conducive atmosphere. They all started when life was possibly at it’s most difficult state in their lives. You can always do the same. They say neccesity is the mother of all invention. I have always created the best of my project when I am at a point where I feel nothing else mattered ad whatever will happen should happen damning the consequences and in the end it all paid off.

In our yesterday’s article I told you there was a reason why we had not published for sometime now, I want reiterate apologetically that we have been working on the third edition of magazine which has all the rudiment of success and highlighting most reasons why people like Elon are driving their economy massively becoming the richest man on Earth strategically. However, you can get a copy of the second edition of our magazine here

The Pathfinders Vol.II

Decide to start your business today and do whatever it takes to put your name up there as people who are willing to sacrifice their comfort zone for success and wealth and surely I guarantee you that you will be one of the few Elon Musk that’s are making a difference. Never settle for less and don’t ever feel like it is too late for you start working or doing something for your life to work.

It is never too late and no matter what others say or think what matters is what you believe, that’s what will determine how well and far you can journey in life. As the title of this article rightly said, it is not how far but how well. If it was, Elon Musk would never top the little of billionaires ahead of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. Scaling is a rule in business that everyone is entitled to. As long as you know what you are doing and how best you can scale and be the best knocking everyone of the top, what stops you from doing that?

The only problem here is that you are too scared to do something meaningful that’s why you are probably still at the bottom where you have always been.

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