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Your morning starts the time you wake up! That statement sounded like an explosion to my ears. I can’t forget who said that to me. She was one of the people I respect so much! Ella spoke in Igbo language and it rang in my head for weeks. My staffs and colleagues were maximizing high paying business opportunities right under my nose, legitimately and I was just there, watching lazily, moping like a sleeping sheep. It dawned on me that I had been sleeping. It felt like living in a land of fertility and lacking the wit to explore it. Unfortunately for me, my eyes opened when all the money had been made and the same business became a poor investment that I lost a huge sum. I learned my lesson, the hard way.

Such is similar to millions of youths in our society. Today, nobody wants to do anything. Me, inclusive. Nobody seeks for information even when the right one stares them in the face. We need to raise the rate of our observation and learn ways of grabbing opportunities even in adversities. We give in to complaints, excuses, and reasons why we cannot step out of our position. Stagnancy hugs one like a best friend, and we are so comfortable with that. pathetic, how we let ourselves down.

That nobody wants to do anything is not a statement uttered just for the sake of it. Everyone relishes the thought of a cool relaxation in front of a screen enjoying a favorite TV show, sleeping and waking up to a treat and repeating it, over and over again. To work for what one wants is a problem for many. Most of our youths today sleep their lives away. Why sleep when you have all the time in the world to sleep upon death which eventually befalls everyone at the appointed time?

If there was ever a thing such as free launch, I never heard of it. Launch is earned and not handed on a platter like the head of John the Baptist. Anyone who promises you free launch is doing you more harm than good.

Have you ever asked yourself the negative effects of ease?

So many people don’t even know why they are poor. Yet, the rich are impoverishing the poor. They want to do everything and go through life the easy way. Denzel Washington once said that ease is the greatest threat to success than hardship. And, some of us erroneously believe that the rich never go through any form of hardship to become what they are today.

They worked hard. They sought for the right information. They sacrificed their sleep for success. Most importantly, they sought for means, the best means of using the poor to their advantage.

You might want to underline that.

They woke up a long time ago to the call of their innermost desires. The call which the majority turned deaf ears to. Even Dangote didn’t get to the peak, easily. No one promised anyone it was gonna be easy! So is time to wake up. Wake from your slumber.

The awakening of that sleeping giant in you requires hard work. You need to give yourself your all. You need to dedicate yourself towards your personal success. Success is not a destination but a journey and we need to keep aiming at it every step of the way. Life is hard and only the strong survives. The question you should ask yourself is, are you one of them.

The poor never get want they want because they do nothing to change their situation and the rich get richer just by maximizing adequately, the potential of the poor. Everyone has something to offer and over the years I have realized that as one of the key factors the rich use in enriching themselves. As shocking as it is, the rich are richer by impoverishing the poor, maximizing their potential and leveraging on their lack, providing immediate satisfaction of their wants.

It is time now to do the right thing, it is time to take the first bold step, it is time to act. You’ve got to do what you need to do for yourself and for your future. You’ve got to do it for your children. Have faith and believe in yourself. Trust that you too can do it but only when you open your eyes and rise from the sleep that has kept you down for years.

The time is now, not tomorrow! You still have the opportunity to do the right thing. You owe that to yourself. It is time for you to wake up.

Francis Elem-C

IG: @elemc_1

Twitter: @elemc_1

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