Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk: The trillion dollar race begins

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My favorite men on earth are doing great things. You know, is not only in sport that you have people compete with each other to ascertain who the champion is. We have seen that a lot between Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi as the duo have ruled football for more than a decade and it still feels like even while they are getting older, they are still in their prime. One of the good things about competition is that it forces you to constantly be at your best.

In life, there is always competition. Most businesses thrive due to competition and those who cannot stand it are easily sent to the grave untimely.

Becoming one of the richest men on earth is already a great achievement but becoming the best two is an even greater achievement in itself. I have said it before that no champion lasts forever and no king rules a kingdom forever.

Some kings die when their time comes and either their sons or others who merit it take their positions as kings depending on the culture and tradition of the residents of the king. This is what happens even in the financial world. Though the number one man does not have to die for someone else to take his place like what we just witnessed only recently of how Musk submerged and took the number one position from Bezos. This is a battle where only the strong and solid risk-takers survive. I hear the news circulating in the media right now that Musk lost some fortune which brought him back to number two-man while Bezos has once again taken the spot at the top.

These folks are high risk-takers that’s why they can afford to lose huge some of their fortunes in one day and it will seem as though they had lost nothing.

They’re never scared of losing money that’s what makes them thick and even stronger. The tenets that they will always make more money, and the go-ahead to do so drive them to work hard and take some risky decisions even though it will cost them some of their fortunes. In life, sometimes you lose, sometimes you gain.

The race between these two billionaires is looking like the battle between Manchester City and Liverpool FC two seasons ago in the Barclays premier league where both teams finished the season with 98 and 97 points respectively, therefore, Manchester City won the league with just a point above Liverpool. Never was it recorded that a team would finish the season at 97 points without winning the league title but it happened. Both teams took some risks and they fought so hard to finish at the top.

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk might be seen as Manchester City and Liverpool FC of the 2017/2018 season in no particular order. And, they are both battling for who maintains the top spot. The only difference is, this is not a football league and it is no season. This is life and a real-life battle and the battle is for the tough men who got wits. To be called a billionaire is no small feat. Just imagine what it is to be the richest of all billionaires in the world and imagine yourself as the number one or number two on that list. How will it feel? I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins like I was the one. I shall get there.

Who will win this battle is not something that we can predict? You can’t say for certain that it will be the current number one man or the number two man who is chasing with everything he’s got. As I said, no king lasts forever, it shows that sometimes, someday, someone other than Bezos will occupy that spot as the number one man richer than all the richest men in the world but we never can tell how soon that will be.

Speaking about someone else taking the place of the number of men at the top is not a topic we should engage ourselves in right now because, from the look of things, our current men of wealth are not in any way ready to give up their positions. Every day, they are doing everything necessary to become the best and become richer than they were previously. That’s what I will do if I find myself in their shoes. So such a topic, I would say we should put an end to it right away because I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

What’s most likely to happen as we have started witnessing is a two-horse race between them. Who will come out victorious is a question that neither you nor I have the answer to. Now we have the billionaires. Is true that for each of them, no one is yet to get to the $200 billion marks but that’s a question of when because they’ve got what it takes and what’s left to get to that is nothing compared to what they already have.

The true journey is who will make the first trillion dollars? Will it be Jeff or will it be Elon? Both men have great businesses that would easily make that happen shortly but as far as the competition goes, I will love to see where this battle ends.

We all know that even if and when their trillion-dollar mark is achieved, as sweet as wealth is, it never satisfies any man.

They will keep trying to surpass their next and immediate feat. Everyone will do the same in the same shoes, that’s nothing special really, it is just human nature.

The word insatiable applies to every human, no one exempt. Once you get what you are looking for, you will always want to get more, that’s the short and simple story of men.

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