Jumia: What are yours roles to the Nigeria public in the face of Covid-19 Pandemic!


The true purpose of this life is to contribute however little you can to make things better. Little things count. It is baffling that some of the multinationals or majority of them have not thought it important to be of assistance to the people of Nigeria especially the poor and vulnerable.

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I decided to take a walk in my neighborhood to get a clearer picture before writing this. Ah! What I saw was alarming. Similar to what was seen during the late Abba Kyari’s burial, people were out in mass going about their businesses. It was like the talk of returning to normality had been achieved. I was told about the situation by a friend who goes to work everyday since the lock down. Sure, he’s got a pass. I was in doubt. Hence, I had to see things for myself and, the situation out there is scary. Not even when NCDC officials visited my area with a rumor of a Corona virus patient whose son was said to had died in the US. You needed to see the panic. Every little cough since I have been treating tyhoid felt weird. My mind was playing some serious tricks on me. I had to stay away from my family and held on to the nose mask like a close pal. You can’t imagine the experience this past few days!

What is shown on the internet and TVs in recent days since the news of the Corona Virus broke out will certainly make one purge. A slight cough or snease from me, come and see, neighbors surged. You can’t blame them. Everyone, suspects everyone. In Lagos now, everybody is a potential Covid-19 carrier. I decided to stop listening to news or surfing the internet for a while, even though it was going to deny me access to vital information to come up with the writings. We’ve had Aids, Tuberculosis, different kinds of Flu, Sars, Ebola, Dengue, Zika virus, etc, the panic, the fear, the mental stress was not as terrible as seen in the case of the Covid-19. Even malaria is still killing people everyday. Unfortunately Corona virus now makes other diseases seem as though they don’t exist. It’s worth all the attention. After all, it is a serious pandemic considering the number of dead cases, globally.

New cases

Finally, on the 25h of April, we witnessed the toll exceed one thousand mark. Lagos state still leading the pack. It keeps rising. A writer colleague wrote on his Facebook page that the end has come and that we are just in the beginning of the end. There was a little hope felt in Lagos when the Lagos state governor Babajide Sanwo Olu reported about the ten patients discharged on the 24th April. The following day saw Lagos state record the highest number of cases in one day. Eventually, the hope dissipated. No matter my dissimulation, i can smile all i want an act like am in charge, deep inside, ahem, i am truly scared. I hate to scare you even further. I know you are following up with NCDC’s, let me save us the stress of reiterating the number of new cases.

FGs Palliatives Measures

This is a part of the Covid-19 situation i hate to talk about. To me, Nigeria government is an F in everything. Nigeria people are responsible for themselves in everything. Essential commodities are not even available to Nigerian people. Since the Corona virus found its way into this country, the FG has handled the situation with kids gloves. Need i remind you that the FG finally came through by delivering three trailer loads containing 1,500 bags of rice to Oyo state? Such generosity. Laudable effort i suppose. Unfortunately for the FG, the Oyo state government is to be returning the bags of rice. How could one even begin to develop a thought of returning a kind gesture? That’s so disrespectful from the people of Oyo state. Are you wondering why as well. Isn’t it rather suspicious for someone known to be greedy to become generous all of a sudden. Either the gift will kill you or you live to regret receiving such a gift. Why this feeling. Oooh, its just a thought, could it be that the said bags of rice must have been parts of bags of rice seized by the custom service ever since the border closure? Just saying. Come on, this is a new level of low to have given a whole state as big as Oyo state 1,500 bags of rice contaminated with weevils. Imagine the harm or death such unintentionally, callous and wicked act by the FG could cause to the people of the state.

Kano state

The Covid-19 seems to have taken all the attention. Such a small gigantic virus. Kano state is also trending for the sad reasons. My people truly perish for the sake of ignorance. Why corona virus seems to have engaged the doctors and health workers so much that they have abandoned patients suffering from other existing health conditions prior to the corona virus cases, Kano people are dying in numbers. Don’t forget, malaria kills people more than ever before. That is not to say that it is malaria or known health issue that is tormenting the people of Kano. Unknown cases as reported. Another news that caught my attention on the 24th of April is rather sad and irresponsible. No other Covid19 testing center had been set up since the testing center in Kano got contaminated. Now you see why the cases in Kano have reduced. Just like the day Lagos state recorded no case someone alleged that they ran out of testing materials. The aftermath of this might really be scarier than we can think of.

Lock Down and Stay Home

Taking a slight walk into the street of twitter i came across this tweet from comedian AY. All we keep hearing daily is “STAY AT HOME”. The rich wants the poor to stay home to avoid the spread of Corvid19, but HUNGER VIRUS won’t allow the poor to stay home. We can only control the spread of the virus when the rich helps the poor by providing enough food to stay at home.

The tweet above means so much to me. It justifies what we have been trying to do. We are not wrong anyway. It fuels the engine even more. People are suffering. No money. Majority of people in Nigeria can only survive by their day to day hustles. The cancer of hunger is intense. Sadly, no form of relief package from government in sight. No food, not even food for though. At least we used to have that in abundance.

What is on the rise now is tension? There is fear. Frustration. Depression. People now seek easy the way out. Suicidal thoughts are on the rise and we’d seen few cases recently. Bitterness as the masses continued to be home, imprisoned forcefully. Depression used to be known as white man’s sickness, all of a sudden, depression has become another epidemic in Nigeria, taking the lives of people at will all in the name of suicide. This threats must be surprised by all means if only we can collectively try.

Jumai: What are you doing for the Nigeria people?


The true purpose of this life is to contribute however little you can to make things better. Little things count. It is baffling that some of the multinationals or majority of them have not thought it important to be of assistance to the people of Nigeria especially the poor and vulnerable. Jumia has been and is still one of the biggest if not the biggest online store in Nigeria since 2013. Jumia redefined online store, making it easy for Nigerians to shop anytime of the day conveniently. Jumia operates in 13 African countries, of course Nigeria will always be your largest market as the certainty that every business thrives in Nigeria can’t be over emphasized. Nigeria’s love to shop and as i write this i visualize the joy in the face of my wife each time whatever package she ordered was delivered. Jumia truly gives customers the best shopping experience. Now, everything is in complete standstill. People can’t seem to think of anything more than survival, sustenance and security. It could have been easier for Jumia to operate in giving back to the people at this time easily as they sell basically essential needs and can easily get their riders to reach out to the masses. If they can’t get to everybody all at once, at least they have the database of their customers. They can start from there.

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