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Money is the number one thing in life that everyone needs, after God. How to make money should be a lesson everyone should learn, every day. Money gives happiness and if you don’t have money or, you don’t know how to make it, then you must be really pitied. The best lesson anyone can teach you in this life is financial education. For those of you who have a problem with that, I mean how to make money, this is for you.

Education is very important. Don’t get it twisted, am not subscribing to schooling as education, even though the importance of schooling should be highly emphasised. Education is what this is all about. You can get it from anywhere at any time. You can really learn it without visiting the four walls of the school. In our magazine publication, I wrote somewhere that the best form of education, which is how to make money is not taught in our schools.

You know, I have often wondered why such a course or subject is not in our normal school curriculum. Why are they not teaching us financial education? Why is it that the secrets of making money are not taught in our schools. Annoyingly, what’s the essence of going to school anyways? Someone says, to get a good job. And, I ask again, what’s the primary reason for looking for a good job? I know you know the answer already. However, let’s clarify it for the benefit of those who desire clarification. The primary goal of looking for a good job after university is to make money.

There is not a simpler way of stating the obvious. It is what it is. Unfortunately, the money we spend all our lives, going to school to study and figure out how to possess the same money is rarely spoken about, in our schools. What then is the reason behind this? Why do we have so many educated illiterates in our socio-economic systems? There are a lot of people, who went to school, to the universities, some even got double degrees but, they cannot feed themselves.

Why do so many of our graduates still grapple and wallow in inadequacy? You went to school, studied all the laws which I termed common sense in one of our publications, and yet, the only thing that’s meant to keep you alive and well, you don’t know how to get it. It’s a shame to have done many years of education and still fail to understand the accumulation of the only means of survival and happiness, money.

I can never condemn the importance of pedagogy but my major problem is the fact that they have refused to acquaint us with the real deal. It is their primary desire to see the masses lavish their existence is lack and penury. This is probably the reason why till date they’ve refused to include money education to our school curriculum. And, some of the schools where such courses are taught are so expensive that the masses can’t afford them. What then happens, I guess we are now left with the only choice of learning how to make money the hard way.

It is your choice and your choice alone to educate yourself on money matters. You have to have the desire to learn it. Everything. The nitty-gritty. From the beginning to the end. You need to pay close attention to understand it. You have to develop the mindset. You have to be creative. You must try everything you can to earn your money. You must study how to use your ability, talent or gift to make yourself money. In our weekly series that will be published every Sunday about assets and liabilities, you will learn how to manage your assets and turn your liabilities into assets. There, you will also learn that anything, even your talent is a liability if is not making you money.

Money comes only to those who know how to attract it.

Do you have what it takes to attract money? You must learn something new out of life on a daily bases because life will never stop teaching you. Even though you weren’t taught this in school, you have the ability to learn something new, especially how to make money and become a better you. That’s the only way to rewrite your story.

You must keep educating and reeducating yourself on the things that matter. What are those things that truly matter? How to make money is the number one on my list and every now and then I read books and practice every recommendation I get from those who are masters in money matters. That is the best way to learn how to make money. Imagine reading a book on how to become a billionaire by Aliko Dangote or Jeff Bezos. Following the laid down steps by the money-making gurus is one sure way to become a money-making machine yourself. I believe that by now, you need not be told that our major goal is to teach you all the footprints that lead to success.

In our magazine publication, we have outlined some of the key factors by our entrepreneurs (Pathfinders) who against all odds, developed their structure in money-making ways. They are systematically earning money day by day by following their own created personal principles. Here, by clicking the link below and getting a copy of the most interesting success material you will ever come across on the internet, you will be doing yourself a massive good in learning skills on how to make money https://paystack.com/pay/thepathfindermagazineday_rp

The good news is, as long as you have brains to think, legs to walk, eyes to see and hands to work, you can learn the step by step, on day by day, the secrets which the rich will never teach you, of how to make money. If they wanted you to know the secrets in the first place, they would have included it in your school curriculum. But, they didn’t, that’s an indication that they intentionally want you to remain poor in your financial ignominy defeat, with thoughts that it is only a select few that knows how to make money.

Right now, you are reading this, set clear goals, objectives, expectations for tomorrow. Write them down. As you do, let the number on your list the plans of lessons on how to earn yourself money. Nobody will kill you if you decide today to learn how to make money.

As you learn something new every day, do yourself a favour and make the lessons on how to make money your number one priority.

You can click the link here to learn more

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