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When you wake up in the morning, what are the thoughts that go through your mind, do you think about the things you will do or the things you didn’t do the day before? A lot of people dwell on yesterday that they let the worries of yesterday kill their joy of today. Yesterday is gone and it will never come back so you have to let it go, peacefully. The thing is, there is a possibility that you will not complete the tasks that you set out to handle and there is a likelihood that you will carry some of those tasks over to the next day depending on the importance of the tasks in question.

You just need to work on it and not think or worry about it, else, I simply suggest you let it go and live your life because the worries of the day can only affect you and deny you the opportunities of enjoying your day. You need to discipline yourself and guard your heart to be able to let go of some of these worries that are hindering your progress and denying you your joy.

What’s gone is never gonna come! That’s a fact. The only thing you can do is ensure you start all over as I believe that, that’s the most practical thing to do. Concentrate on the day at hand and do everything not to make the day at hand become another yesterday that you will live to worry about. Decide that no matter what happened previously, it will not make you waste your day worrying about it.

I read a book many years ago by Dale Carnegie, the title of the book is “how to stop worrying and start living”. That book opened my eyes to so many realities. I recommend you get a copy of that book as the contents of the book that was written many decades ago are still as potent and valid today. You need to let go of so many things. Do you even realize that most of the things you worry about are things that you shouldn’t worry about? For example, let’s just say someone like me who writes every day and I had a topic in mind but somehow I forgot to write because of some other issues I was handling, now comes the next day, I have forgotten about the topic and I kept thinking and thinking hoping that I would remember it but could not and then worry begins to set in.

Now in this circumstance, I would simply deny myself the opportunities and joy or the blessings of today. There could be a more interesting topic, better than the one I was worried about that i can write on today only if i could bring myself to enjoy what today has in store for me. People do not understand this that’s why you see so many people carry grudge in their hearts for so many years.

Most of the things we even worry about do not exist and that’s an absolute truth. Some of the worries that go through our minds are self-made and they are there just to waste our time and life. You worry about everything and later years from today you will come to realize that most of the things you worried about sorted themselves out without you doing anything. Imagine if you kept worrying about some of these things that don’t exist, years will come and pass and the problems will still be staring at you in the face because that’s where your focus is.

This is what you should do. Sit down and look at what you did right and wrong, put effort into the things you did right, and discard the ones you did wrong entirely from your mind. Do it enough, continuously so that you will set up for yourself a bright future. This is possible because you would have learned the act of concentrating on the important things that will guarantee you a great future thereby replacing your worries with/by utilizing the blessing that comes to you with each passing day.

I love this that was shared on Twitter, i really can’t remember the handle, he says, “Its good to leave each day behind,
Like flowing water, free of sadness.
Yesterday is gone and its tale told.
Today, new seeds are growing. I smiled the moment i read that because it spoke directly to me and i am proud to bring it here because i know also that it will speak to more people that are still entangled in the worries of yesterday instead of letting go of the past to enjoy their moment.

Another lovely post i came across somehow is this, “When people try to bury you remind yourself that you are a seed. The most important seed you can plant is kindness the most important crop it yields is joyed it neither fears light or darkness but uses both to grow. You need to grow and blossom like a seed and you do that every morning because his blessing is new every morning.

The new day brings new hope.

It brings a lot of happiness, it brings new opportunities, it brings joy, it brings you closer to your destiny when you have what it takes to work towards it every day. You need to make everyday count and ensure you make the most out of the day. The new day has a lot in store for you. It does not look at the errors of your yesterday before offering you another opportunity to make a change. It just grants you the opportunity and it is left to you to take it and make the best use of it. A new day is certainly a great day and you have to feel great and walk into it with your shoulders raised high.

You have every reason to be thankful for the new day and don’t weigh it down with yesterday’s filth. Take the lessons from yesterday and apply them today and surely, you will have a better result tomorrow.

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