Let them misunderstand you!

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Look, when they misunderstand you, is good. Is even better if they get confused at the same time. Just keep doing what you do and create more time to become better at what you do. It will pay off really in end.

Obsession in the work that you do is a way to go. When you do things that deep inside of you, you believe that you are doing the right thing or that you are in the right track and you are obsessed about the things that you do, I can from experience tell you that you are doing the right thing or that you are on the right track. Everyone has challenges that affect them or make them feel like they do not know what they are doing, this is why sometimes, you feel like people do not follow, they don’t need to. When they don’t understand you, you need to personally understand that you are not doing whatever you are doing for them to understand you in the first place, you are simply doing what you have been doing all those years because you want to make a difference and be somebody great. Greatness does not care about what others think because that’s not what matters, what matters is that you believe in what you do and you are grinding everyday to make whatever it is that is denying you sleep count. That’s one of the surest way to become great.

You need to simply concentrate on yourself and your focus ans work your ass everyday to make this delicate thing of yours a reality. Your obsession is valid and the truth is with it you have to be so hard driven to get to where you need to be and it takes a whole lot, ever day and every second of your life must be invested in what you do, that’s how you focus and that’s how you become the best. By every means necessary you have to work like you have never done before and believe like you never have before that with time, as long as you are here, you will definitely get there. The most interesting thing about this whole process is that, most people might not understand you, that’s okay. They should not. You do not owe them that. You do not need explaining what you are doing to anyone for the sake of clarity, this is the period where you need to work to make your dream a reality and this is also the point where you remain the only one who understands how difficult it will take for you to arrive at your destination, that’s also the reason why you remain the only one who understands. Things can only become clear to others when and finally, at your arrival.

Your focus will drive a lot of people mad. That is one of the things you should get familiar with. There is a reason why you don’t get to see some people and all of a sudden it feels as if they just appeared from nowhere controlling empires, where do you think they were all those years that they were nowhere to be found? Of course they were working their ass out and becoming a better version of themselves. You never got to see them coming until they arrive. That is one of the many techniques that powerful people apply in their quest to greatness, you never get to know what they are plotting, even when they make it known to you, you hardly understand and guess what, they owe you no explanation. As a matter of fact they enjoy the fact that you are wallowing in confusion as that will increases your curiosity and, when they are certain it is time for them to launch, they catch you completely unaware that you wont even know when they are selling you what they want you to buy whatever that might be. This happens all the time. Great people seldom announce their moves and they work so hard to make sure that their plans manifest. A lot of people who do not understand this strategy make mistakes especially when trying to show the world that they are working on certain projects. The real great people never show you in clear terms whatever they are doing till they are ready to do so, that’s why they succeed and even when they fail because they do all the time, no one hears of it.

I have spent many years on earth to understand that truly, God makes one great and when you want to be great you have to be ready to be disliked by so many people and misunderstood by even a lot more. People will always want poke their noses into your business but you do not really need to concern yourself with whatever it is that affects them, you should just concentrate more on your journey, the race and how you can get to the finish line because in the end, that’s what really counts. It even better to keep them more misunderstood, that shows you are on track and that you are doing the right thing. Most great projects were initially thought to be stupid projects by a lot of people except those who owned them and believed the validity of the projects and on themselves. You only need to convince yourself first that you are doing the right thing regardless of what others think and when you do that, you focus on working extremely hard to fine-tune and create something great that the world will marvel at and once that is done and you are ready to launch, go all out and blow your trumpet so loud that everyone thinks the world was coming to an end the next minute, that way you will get everyone convinced in clear terms that you knew what you were doing all along and your work will eventually do the explaining that they had all be waiting for.

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