Make a deliberate effort to add VALUE to your life every day

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Value, as defined by the oxford dictionary, (Noun) is how much something is worth in terms of money or other goods which can be exchanged. Or, (Verb) to think that somebody or something is very important. If I may ask, what do you understand by value?

Value is that which has worth. It can be quantified. It can be goods or person.

Goods, for example, can be valuable depending on the amount of work or effort, energy exerted during the creation of the goods.

That is the only way to determine the worth of the goods. The amount of money spent to purchase raw materials. The equipment used. Space or facility where the production was carried out. The human resources engaged in the production process. The general cost of production is all factored into the creation of the goods which in the end, will lead to the type of monetary value that will be attached to the goods.

These things don’t just happen overnight, it takes a lot of creativity, study, effort, money, human capital, time and resources to come up with quality goods that can compete in the market. With all that had been said in place, you are guaranteed a high-value product.

Products or goods must undergo some level of refinement to make them what they become if they will turn out to become of a high-value quality. You must ensure that all hands are on deck. Everything must be well catered for. Nothing must be left to chance and this creation of a valued product must be thorough, strategic and intentional.

No good product with high value was created overnight. All must be adequately processed. Well, detailed. Plans must be completed to give the product well-deserved attention to compete for a spot at the top because of the type of process that was put in place during the creation of the product.

Now let’s talk about humans. About you. Yes. You. You, the one reading this. What’s your value? Are you worth a kobo or a Naira? What comes to people’s mind whenever your name is mentioned? Does your name carry weight? Is your name a brand to be reckoned with? Have you ever noticed how people feel whenever you are around?

You see, the reason for the questions above is simple. The type of value that you attach to yourself, go a long way in determining the type of people that will want to associate with you and in turn, the amount of money that may likely be coming your way.

Don’t forget our the definition of value from the dictionary, as the worth of something in terms of money or goods that can be exchanged. If you are a valuable person, no doubt, you will become rich someday.

I have worked with a lot of people over the years and, most of the people have i worked with are so special. There is a number them that whenever their names are mentioned, people who know them say a lot of wonderful things about them, smiling.

That’s a good feeling.

That should tell you something about the kind of impact they are making in the lives of other people they come in contact with. It really shows that the people they have had something to do with appreciated what they have been able to accomplish because of their association with these people am speaking about.

Value is not built or developed overnight. It takes time. It takes deliberate actions. It takes money. It takes will. It takes energy. Above all, it takes some level of desire to truly be a person with self-worth.

You need to yearn for your name to mean something whenever it is mentioned. Your name should carry the kind of weight that gives people goosebumps and make them desire to wish for a one on one time with you.

Your name travels faster than you do. Your accomplishments supersede you. If properly nurtured, the value can take you where you might not ever be, physically. People will pay just to have some time with you because they feel they will gain their money back with the impact or knowledge they gain from you.

You need to work on yourself to be able to sell yourself.

How do you do that?

Unfortunately, I don’t know about now, Nigerians are a type of people who don’t read. That’s one of the reasons why a few who do always find a way to make money off of others, telling them the exact same things they could find in the same books themselves as well. They won’t know because they won’t read.

I bet you that there are so many people who will see this article but they won’t read it.

Later on, I will certainly prepare it as a seminar or webinar and you will see them paying money to attend. This topic is so dear to my heart and we will do a lot of justice to it.

We won’t end it without educating you on simple things you need to do, or ways you can add value to your life. We have already pointed out one of it to you but, it will be elaborated in our next post title “5 simple things that you must do to add value to your life”

I am very sure you are already salivating and anticipating it. Just like you, I can not wait to dish out this awesome, mouthwatering secrets for you to really become a person so many people want to associate with.

Wait for it. Just a little time. The next twenty-four hours is just around the corner and will be upon us at a twinkle of an eye. Am sure it will benefit you a lot but you must first practice the lessons that will be discussed in the post.

Let’s leave it here for now but the number one thing you must know is this, you can become whatever you want to become by doing certain things.

It all depends on the type of value you attach to yourself. How to do that, you will simply have to wait for it.

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