Never doubt your Vision!

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Vision is one of the greatest gifts of mankind and it is with a vision that men were able and still able to build multi-billion-dollar businesses that change and keep changing the world. Vision is the major ingredient that makes the future what it is today and what it will become. Vision is so much so that with it you can make a great impact but without it, your life will amount to nothing. There are so many people today, billions of people on the surface of the earth that the world knows nothing about them, and when they die, no one will talk about them or remember them, these are the set of people who do not have a vision or who did nothing about their visions.

I strongly believe that everyone created by God can create something incredible for the world to see, that ability to create something that will shape the future of the earth is what vision gives you and you must try by all means to make sure that you work your vision regardless of what people think.

We can not overemphasize the potency of the truism that no matter what you do whether good or bad, people must talk. So, just do the right and let them talk,  all that’s all they know to do.

It is human nature to talk, gossip, and berate those who are trying so hard to make a difference, and the knack to bring them down is always so much that one begins to wonder that, if such attention is channeled to a more rewarding activity, the world will truly be a better place than it is today.

Vision is the one thing that has necessitated the creation of so many great things that the world enjoys today.

God has a vision and we read in the book of Genesis how he began and completed the work of creation. If it was not for the vision he had that prompted him to carry out the work, maybe today, the world would still be null and void.

This thing called vision does not just bring about success. It requires the work and ability of man to make it potent.

As I said earlier, God’s vision was to carry out the work of creation and he had the idea/vision of creating man in his image and likeness and guess what, he engaged himself in working out the vision, and in the end, it became a reality and one of the most powerful and interesting creatures of the things he made. Now imagine if God did not engage in working his vision, as I said earlier, we can all tell what the outcome would be but thankfully he did and I can be sitting here today writing about vision.

A lot of humans are failures today just because they failed to carry out the important tasks that will make their vision materialize. They have a great vision, so great that they can make a huge difference but what do they do, they simply sit around and waste precious time. Finally, you could see that sooner or later that vision of theirs became a waste, or in rare cases, it would be given to someone else who can make something good out of it.

There are more wasted talents today than there are used talents. The cemetery as we all know it has swallowed so many great talents that can not be counted. So many great people died poor just because they failed to carry out the one important task that God blessed them with. A lot of people failed to carry out their vision due to laziness and procrastination. I have seen several people with great ideas that in my mind I felt like if given a few number years they would turn the ideas into enormous wealth and success but after waiting for a while and in a subsequent meeting I realized that they had given up on such laudable dreams of theirs. The question I keep asking myself is, what’s the chief reason why people abandon their dreams?

I am also very guilty about the question above. I know how many dreams I have failed to work on. I have been so confused about some of my visions that I don’t know where to start from. You see that’s one of the major challenges I think we all will face when it comes to working on our vision, sometimes it feels so difficult that we become so confused about how to go about it. I have started several failed businesses or uncompleted projects that when I look at them today I ask myself, how in the world did that happen?

I try as much as I can to write from experience most times to bring home the point for easy grasping. At least when I give you first-hand experience of what I am talking about, it can help you in avoiding some of the mistakes that I made. The problem is, how many people will read this? That’s where the major challenge is. I have just realized that the solution to most of the world’s problems are out there, so glaring and not hidden but the major challenge is we humans are too lazy to look for them and that’s why so many people suffer from what they should not suffer from.

A typical example of what I am saying is the fact that after offering this opportunity of avoiding some challenges, maybe, those who truly need this post will see it but they will not bother to open and then the solution to their problems eludes them and they will end up living in a confused state of mind, not knowing how to go about making their visions and dreams a reality.

Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. It simply means you can see the future. That’s when you look from your mind’s eyes you can see exactly what tomorrow holds, which means that for seeing tomorrow, you already have the powers to make what you see about tomorrow become what’s already deposited in your mind. Vision is a gift and if you possess it, you must count yourself lucky because it gives you the ability to decide what you want the future to look like.

Never doubt your vision, the best and all I suggest you do is hold on to that vision of yours so tightly and work on it and most importantly, trust the process.

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