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Everyone that has ever made any significant achievement in life or created some form of greatness on Earth failed at some point in their lives especially at the beginning. What’s even scary is that some of the billionaires you know today are still failing. You don’t hear about it because they are not making it a big deal or because they understand what you and the rest of the world who do not have money don’t understand which is that, failure is the bedrock of success. You might not know this but it is true that failure makes you a better person and grows you into a force to reckon with.

Failure never fails you only if you choose to allow it reduce you to a failure.

Failure does one very important thing to everyone and that is, it prepares you for success. It also teaches you what you should know because when you fail at something you would not want to repeat the error which resulted to the failure. That means you have gathered enough experience to navigate the obstacles that stopped you in the first place. Failure in other words gives you experience. This and many more are the reasons why everyone should embrace failure just the way we embrace the success that comes from failure.

Most people might be wondering what I meant when I said that most of the world’s billionaires today fail everyday, yes they do. The reason you know nothing about it is because they don’t talk about their failures and obviously they don’t dwell on their failures. They move on and become better people as a result of their failures. The only time failure can keep a man down is when the man in question refuses to try again. Failure has no power to stop you. As a matter of fact, failure is a good thing, it is even better to experience it and learn from it than achieving success at your first try.

In my quest as an entrepreneur, I have been failing and I keep failing but I have realised that the more I failed the closer I get to becoming the greatest on Earth. I do a lot of things that can generate revenues for me and my family and benefit the world in future and I keep failing at them. Note that the failures I have been encountering are not so palatable. Sometimes I feel like just giving up and letting everything be. Yes I get that a lot. I have an inner side of me that tells me to throw in the towel on numerous occasions but guess what, I keep fighting with the tenet that I will be victorious in the end. I have never believed that failure would stop me. I have encountered a situation in life that would have ended it all but to the glory of God I fought through it and succeeded, that tells me one thing, that I will fight through every other challenge that life throws at me and then again, just like I did initially, I will come out triumphantly.

Businesses fail, businesses succeed. What you don’t know is that most businesses that you see that are successful today failed at some point. But the resilience of those behind such businesses would see that they carried on. Everyone who’s on the path to success will definitely encounter failure. It is better to fail and learn from it than not failing at all. When you fail, you also learn something about yourself and your ability to handle the failure and move pass it is a great skill that only failure can teach you.

Some people can not afford failure. Some people can even die depending on the amount of failure, they ended terribly forgetting that it is not over untill they said it is. Life will throw bricks at you, what would you do with the bricks, would you build a house with them or cry over it? It all depends on you. One thing you should understand today is that failure is part of life, however you handle it is your business. Whether you are gonna cry about it or learn from it does not mean it will not hit you, it will hit you and try to dislodge you and it is your responsibility to make something great out of it or not. It all depends on you.

Usain Bolt failed in his first attempt at the Olympics, guess what, no one remembers that. I didn’t even know about that till I read it online. What everyone remembers when they think about Usain Bolt is that he’s the fastest athlete their is. We completely forgot that our beloved failed in his first attempt. What would have become of him if he allowed that first attempt to define him? What would have been his case if he stopped running? It will go down in history that he was a failure and the world would have missed the opportunity of seeing something as great as Usain Bolt.

You might have to go back and read the caption on the image of this post. That image inspired this topic a whole lot. Yes the almighty Coca-Cola failed. They sold only 25 bottles in their first year. Today, everybody drinks Coca-Cola. Imagine if they had given up and said that the product was not good enough because of the poor reception it got in the early years of creation, we would not have had the chance to see what a mighty brand it turned out to be. When you are starting a business or building a brand, no matter what you go through, never you see yourself as a failure and never you quit no matter what happens to your brand. You have to keep fighting and working to make it work. Constantly market your brand and put it out there for the world to see whether or not is generating income. I believe in my brand so much that I am ready to die for it. I believe in “The Pathfinders” and everything the brand stands for. I believe in Elem C send everything that I stand for. I believe in Role-Em Resources Limited and everything it stands for. If I don’t believe in myself or my brand, no one will. This is why I keep trying and working so hard and no matter how many times I fail, I will always try again.

God bless you

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