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I sincerely want to first apologize to our beautiful readers that have always looked forward to our continuous publication, for over a month now, nothing had been published here. I want to quickly say that we did not in any way intend for that to happen as our team and myself have been busy working on a number of projects for your good. Having said that, I hope that we bare excuse in as much as we are not making any excuses for not updating you as usual with great contents like we doo all the time?

Something important caught my attention today and I felt that the best thing to do is do what I do best and that’s telling you once again why it is very important for you to always and all the time put some attention on yourself. I may have mentioned it somewhere before that you are the best person in the world and that there is not another you. In the third edition of The Pathfinders Magazine that will be published soon on the site here, I personally put in some quality time and expertise on one of the topics that says you are the GOAT in your space. You should anticipate it.

Ok, I believe so much in self development, in the first place that’s the point of this whole brand and everything that we do and talk about boils down to you developing yourself and becoming the best version of yourself for the benefits of the world and most importantly the people around you. there is no way that people will¬† benefit from you if you do not make yourself useful and the best and about the only way to do that is to constantly develop yourself by doing whatever necessary that works for you.

The world is moving fast and developing with speed. You can only prepare yourself ahead of time else, the you will end up playing catch which to me is not good at all. It is almost impossible to be miles away from the world but don’t forget that everything is possible today especially with the use of your devices and the internet. Internet to me has almost rendered the normal style of learning useless. Now, you don’t really need to go anywhere to access any kind of information, you can readily get any information on any topic as long as you want it. Google is always there to make it possible for you.

The problem with a lot of us is, despite the fact that yes, paid products are very important, we often don’t leverage the products or information we could access freely online. Even the information you think is free is not because you are using your internet connectivity to access so in the real sense of it, nothing is actually free. Even at that, we choose to concentrate more on those expensive info which in some cases have the same value that the free information gives you.

Now that it seems like everything is easy to access especially the information that can really help us improve ourselves big time, we now take them all for granted. back in the days we walk for miles after paying huge registration fees for some professional courses, endangering ourselves seeking the same knowledge available to us freely today but now that we can access them freely we don’t care about them anymore. This should not be so for especially if you are looking for means to develop yourself constantly like we recommend.

The best investment that you can make is by developing yourself because whatever kind of skill that you acquire can never be taking away from you. What’s yours is yours and nobody can devalue the value you place on yourself. What’s even more important now is that you can absolutely develop yourself for free in the world that we live in today, the question is, are you willing to do that? I should not be the one to say yes or no, you alone know whether you will read this article or concentrate on your social media consuming all the frivolities that the world throws at you.

I recommend the pathfinders. Though there are a number of sites that you can constantly visit if you want to get real time updates on how you can go about improving yourself but, if you think it is difficult, I don’t really think that google had failed anyone in the past. even the best of the bests recommend it so why do you find it difficult to make use of this priceless gift? I had an experience recently that changed my orientation. There’s this guy that I follow online, sorry I wont give out his name. he posted something on his status on this particular day asking that if anybody wanted to get a pdf version of his recent class that you can send him a direct message, guess what, because of the value and respect that I have for him I sent him message that I was interested. he told me to pay the sum of N1000 which I sent into his account and then he sent me the product. after reading what he sent me I was so disappointed because that product was worth nothing.

Everything I had read from google for free on same topic had millions more value than what I paid 1k for but I learned a great lesson of not to ever give out products that would never add value to my audience because after reading what this guy that I had so much respect for shared with me, I made a decision that I would never buy any of his products again. I have developed a number of products on topics that would help you a lot in self development for a token, soon they would be popping up on the site here, try as much as you can to get them and I guarantee you that you will glad you did after consuming them.

What’s cool about the pathfinders is that we talk and write on every topic as long as it has to do with humans. Stay with us if you truly desire to develop yourself in every areas of your life.

More on this to come soon.

God bless you



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