Nigeria Breweries: What are yours roles to the Nigeria public in the face of Covid-19 Pandemic!

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Interestingly, no case was recorded in Kano as at the 22nd April. Lagos state also had zero case the previous day. A friend asked me, what that…. in awe, trying to find out if they now rig Covid-19 result just the same way they rig elections in Nigeria. That’s not my writing as, am just reiterating what someone said to me. We are not joking about this as the situation is a serious threat to human lives. We must collectively put in effort to save ourselves.

A part of me trusts the NCDC completely. Well, i guess i have limited choices or none as the case is obvious. The other part of me do not. You won’t blame me. This is Nigeria. Sometimes I feel like they are akin to Nigerian politicians who use every opportunity to showcase their political nature. Hey, this isn’t the time for 2023 election campaigns. Our topical is getting multinationals to support Nigerian people who are the major instrument to their success stories. Sorry we had to digress.

Governors forum on lock down extension

Let’s get back to the groove. It was reported that the governors forum and the FG have concluded on extending the lock down to another two weeks. Fourteen days be looking like fourteen years now. Am wondering how Nigerians will cope. The decision no doubt is as a result to curb the spread of the Covid-19, and there you have it, the assertion from the Cross River state governor Profesor Ben Ayade, that a further lock down will elevate uncontrollable restiveness from the youths and that it could spell doom for the nation. Now am wondering which is better, stay home and survive Covid-19 and die of hunger or go out and survive hunger and die of Covid-19. Still, a lot of Nigerians are willing to take their chances with the virus. There is an opinion that if Cross River state faces what Lagos state or Kano is facing at the moment Governor Ayade would reverse his statement.

Health workers begin to die!

It’s even scary that a Lagos state health worker died of the Covid-19 in Ekiti state. When the heroes begin to die, what then happens to the people who depend on them. Sure our confidence comes from God almighty and the saying that heaven helps those who help themselves is still valid.

The virus is causing so much harm. Now it is more certain than ever that there will be prosecution of lock down violators across the nation as declared by Ekiti state authorities.  

The health workers can as well decide to stay home just like every other person as we have all been instructed to do. The threat keeps looming. The only way that the masses can support them is to adhere to the warnings to stay at home. They didn’t shut themselves just like is expected of the masses, they are out their combating the enemy like true soldiers just to save lives and flatten the curve.

The killer virus is dangerous indeed but there will always be hope if we observe the guidelines by the authorities to stay home. The few recoveries so far, especially that of the Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai give some glimmer of hope to the populace. Now you see why an average Nigerian will take his chances with the virus!


Covid-19 has a twin brother. Another deadly virus ravaging the people of Nigeria. It is also a pandemic resulting to rise in crimes and lawlessness. I fear the Nigeria police is losing it’s grip in maintaining law and order. That twin pandemic is called hunger. A lot of intellectuals are  advising Nigerians on social media to stay home, leverage on the pandemic and develop themselves in terms of skills and learnings of all sorts but what we see trending day in day out on social media now is bank accounts flying everywhere. Everybody is now officially a social media begger. Don’t get be wrong i have also tried my luck and am still trying. Lol. And, we have strong multinationals donating millions to Nigeria as support for the fight again the pandemic.

Nigeria Breweries, what is your role in helping Nigerian people?

NB was founded in 1946 with about 3,195 employees across the nation, distributing their products to many parts of the nation. Nigerians are good when it comes to beer consumption. Almost every street in Lagos has a beer joint where NB products see sold and, the masses patronise them a lot. In everything Nigerians do, they consume alcohol. Burial ceremony, child dedication, introduction, marriage, even when a man has a problem with his wife, he goes out for a bottle of beer. That’s just little but a huge testament to the fact that NB is where it is today because Nigerian people generously patronised them.

In the early hours of Thursday 23rd April, the NB twitted via their twitter handle that they are supporting the Nigeria people with the sum of Six hundred million Naira to fight the pandemic. Aha, Audio money in the voice of Rudeboy. After that twit some Twitter follower replied with a troubling response saying “rubbish they even have the money to give out while their workers who work tirelessly under the sun and in the rain have not been paid for long, what is this world turning into”

One begins to wonder how a company as huge as Nigeria Breweries, allegedly refused to pay their workers for a long time make a donation of Six Hundred Million Naira N600M. That is worth reviewing but then, to whom exactly are the donations going to if not the masses that have been hit a deadly blow by both the Covid-19 and hunger at the same time? One would think the donations are for the Nigerian people to survive during this pandemic and lock down.

NB has as their vision to wow Nigerians with great brands, passionate people and world class performance. NB also brings enjoyment to the people through communication, quality products and sponsorship of activities. Now may we ask that since the only activities going on the world right now are the fight against the Covid-19 and hunger, that the NB use the fund for sponsoring activities to help in satisfying the most basic needs of the nigerian people at this time, hunger.

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The true purpose of this life is to contribute however little you can to make things better. Little things count. It is baffling that some of the multinationals or majority of them have not thought it important to be of assistance to the people of Nigeria especially the poor and vulnerable.

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