No amount of fall can stop you once you’re determined!

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I believe in the power of the mind, will and hardwork. There are so many things required for success but there first things that must be done first and hardwork is one of them on top of the list. Anything is possible. To start up a venture is possible and to quit that same venture is also possible so far as the decision is made and concluded already in the mind.

Quitting is something that everyone can give in to and not one of those who did so ever succeeded. It is not a worthy thing to do because it so.ply shows how willing you are to give up on your dreams.

If you quit I guarantee you that it will be more difficult for you to rise again than when you initially started.

You must be defeated in your quest for victory, that’s what makes it interesting. If not how will your victory seem special to tell the takes of yoi determination and resilience? There is no joy in victory without defeats. When you fail or fall at the pursuit of your goal, be calm, is normal and a great step in progress because it is only one who is progressing that can experience a fall along the way.

You are not alone in this fall of yours. A lot of people, mostly those that have attained success, they are fell on their way to the Pinnacle of their success. Everyone at some point experienced some level of fall so bad that majority of their few were threatened by theirs that they almost gave. They didn’t. If they did, we won’t hear about them.

Success becomes more interesting after experiencing some major setback. If you don’t fall how will you rise? Let’s take a little dive into the just concluded Olympics and tell you why it is very important never to remain on the floor when you experience s fall. Whenever you experience a fall no matter how hard you fall, the best and the only thing you should do is get up and continue moving. Apply even harder momentum towards your progress and teach that temporary failure a lesson that you are not one to mess around with.

Do you know that one of the greatest athletes of all time Usain Bolt failed in his first attempt at the Olympics? Of course you wouldn’t know that because the man himself chose to rewrite his own history. That to me is a personal decision any man can make and he changed the narrative.

At the 2004 Olympics, Usain Bolt failed, four years later he repeated the process and won the gold medal. Ever since he kept setting and breaking records after records. Today, no one remembers that he had earlier attempted the Olympics and failed. What everyone know about him is the fact that he’s one of the greatest of all time.

Did Bolt fail, yes he did. But he also did what most people would not do, he got up and continued. He worked even harder and, the same setback never attempted to mess with him again having seen that Bolt was not the kind of man to mess with.

What kind of person are you, are you the type that give in to a fall that moment you are hit by it? If you give in to any kind of fall, you will never make it. All falls are temporary no matter how hard or bad they seem and I have learned that with time, every wounds heal.

When you fall, take it as part of the process that will lead you on the journey to success and embrace it, then, do the one thing that matters, run harder.

One athlete that I admire so much in the just concluded Olympics is Sifan Hassan. Her wit, resilience, determination and fate are out of this world. Someone posted on IG that her comeback is the greatest comeback ever on the Olympics. He might not be entirely right but after watching that clip, I totally agree with him.

I didn’t get to see the Olympics so I might not be able to paint the clear picture but I believe that you will comprehend in totality what I am trying to explain. During the race, is usually one of those long meters races. She tripped and fell.

Everyone must have thought that it was all over for her or that her Olympics journey had ended with that remarkable fall but that was not to be. Hassan had won bronze, silver and gold medals in the Olympics but she was not the type of person allow any kind of fall stop her from crossing that finish line

She was in a race that for someone like me would scare the shit out of me and to make things worse she fell and she ran. What did she do? She did the one thing that no one expected her to her. She had a good to stop running but did she stop, no. She didn’t.

As I said, she the one thing that the world never expected her to do and that was she stood up and continued running. She ran even harder than she initially did when the race commenced. Gradually, as the race progressed, she kept with the chase and sooner she ran passed most of her colleagues already in front of her as a result of the fall.

Little did the world know that finishing second or more Completing the race as a result of the fall was not even part of her agenda. She kept on with it and just before the hour mark she crossed the finish line. Guess what, she did so as the number one. She won the race. She won the gold medal.

In my estimation, that should be her sweetest victory because it happened at the time no one expected it, at the time that if chose to give up she would not be blamed for it. But she chose to do the unexpected and left the world with the message that everything is possible.

She believed in her ability. She did the unthinkable and the undoable. This goes to prove that everything is possible only if you believe and work on it.

Sifan Hassan did her in a fashionable style and today I urge to follow her footstep, realising that in your quest for victory, no matter how hard your fall, you still have the chance of finishing the race successfully.

Only the weak gives up.

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