No matter what you go through don’t give up!

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Challenges are always out there for everyone but in the end, everyone gets cured. Just yesterday I was discussing with an old man about the situation of the country regarding the current second wave of the covid that seems to be more dangerous than the initial one, I realized that despite the sensitization and the act of sheer bravado by the media to communicate the dangers of the covid to the populace, a great number of people have refused to believe that the covid is real. This is as a result of wanton sufferings by Nigerians, and I figured that most Nigerians have one problem or the other that they are all dealing with, so the covid seems to be a minor challenge compared to what they are all dealing with despite the threats by the Covid19.

Amid the threatening Covid for example people have been constantly advised to observe all precautions to avert the spread, according to the government, the threat for a second lockdown seems to be looming if the people keep flouting safety measures. I went to one of the local government areas in Lagos just recently for my NIN which the government has mandated everyone to validate and link to their mobile number or else face the consequences of getting your mobile number blocked and what I saw at the NIN center was scary. The mass of people there was so much that there was nothing of so-called social distance being observed. How can you observe social distance in a crowded area where everyone is chasing the same thing and, which is very important?

Now everybody is carrying one form of a cross or another. Jesus carried his cross and in the end, he gave us salvation. He was healed from it and his suffering gave us ultimate healing.

If only the challenges of humans are visible when they move around or go about their businesses, then you will realize that people are dealing with lots of issues. I remember my days while on admission in the hospital, I was tempted to start questioning God and asking him why me but then I remembered Chinua Achebe, if not me, then who? No one is so special not to carry his or her cross. If Jesus Christ who is God and the son of God could carry his cross and suffer for our sake, who then do you think you are that your portion of the suffering will elude you?

In the journey of life and especially when you are making efforts to be successful, you must face challenges, you must go through issues that will make it seems as though you will give up the next minute. That’s the same thing that everyone who achieved success went through, they all went through their portion of suffering, and the only reason why they became successful was that they never gave up. They continued to push through despite the challenges and fought with everything they have to make sure that they are victorious and indeed today, we all can see the evidence of that because they are the set of people making things happen and changing the direction the world moves.

No one was born not to face challenges and no one ever promised it was going to be busy. Even the Bible never made such a promise. To make it in like, you have to work for it and the kind of work that you have to do must not be the same with the kind of work another person did or is doing. Everybody has different types of cross that they carry. Our crosses are not the same. Yours might be the X-shape while mine might be the normal one, what matters is one should have the ability to lift his or her cross and proceed.

When I created my business even now, I am still feeling like I should not have done so because everything seems to be moving at a very slow pace. Currently, I am so confused like I don’t know where to start since I have great contents and concepts that I have been blessed with but the major challenge is the action part. I know for a certain that I am in the right direction because of the difficulty in getting it rolling. I have learned that the harder it is for your business to take shape the more successful you become when you eventually position it to where it is meant to be. With that said, I do not have any doubt in my mind that I am working in the right direction and I am appreciating the challenges I am facing because I will live to tell the world the story of how I almost gave up but thankfully I never did.

There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.

Yes, people will say all sorts of things to discourage you. Even your friends will not believe in you because they are so scared of how big your dream is. They will do everything to make sure you fall by the wayside. They will even encourage you to give up your dream and pursue a more suitable carrier as a way out. Hello, the only way out here is to stick with your dream. Fight for what’s yours and be so determined to make that dream of yours a reality because it certainly will be. Do not accept the negative suggestions of the enemies who are trying so hard to deter you from the big picture. Do not let them have their way because when they do, they will be the same people who will in turn look at you in the face and call you a loser.

You need to just stay away and move on without saying a word to give them a chance to be able to predict your next move. Give no room for argument. Make them believe they are right but go on to do exactly what’s on your mind because, in the end, the race is personal. People who like to learn they say rarely argue and people who like to argue rarely learn.

That’s a fact.

Make it a habit to face your challenges today, carry your cross with the tenet that one day, just like those who persevered, everyone gets cured.

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