Noteworthy success don’t come easy

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People who are enjoying success in abundance today are doing so because they’ve worked for it. They planned, they organised their moves and articulated in details how to execute what they needed to do to achieve success and that’s exactly what they did. They dreamed of where they want to be. They dreamed big and worked bigger. Guess what, they gave enough thoughts to their dreams and worked so hard with planning and proper execution to ensure their gigantic dream became a reality. And check them out, twenty years ago, they might not have been so rich. What does that tell you, it simply means that, gradually, steadily, with unwavering commitment and determination, the successful ones, made it a priority, worked to achieve that which they so highly desired and they got to where they ever wanted to be. This set of people who are successful, worked so hard to get there and they are even working harder to maintain their status quo. Some people feel it’s so hard to become rich and harder to maintain being rich

This is a really bittersweet experience for so many of them. Just like the experiences associated with those trying to make their dream a reality, if you are one of those, you will notice how difficult it is to make something out of nothing. A lot of things will discourage you. Definitely, you will come to a point of not wanting to do anything anymore. On a number of occasions, I have even doubted my own ability but, here I am, I am still trying hard, working so hard to ensure that my name is engraved in the book of success where the names of the selected few who did everything they could and used every opportunity within their reach to get to their peak, have their name written. Everybody is welcome to be there but how many people are willing to do what is required to be there? You see, the bottom has always been a crowded place and people who dwell there have a lot of things in common. I could choose not to write these articles, yes, that’s a choice and it’s entirely mine. If I didn’t, the time am using to write this would most likely be replaced with some sort of frivolous activities that in the end, will definitely yield nothing. This is exactly about one of the differences between those few who are up there and the many of those occupying the bottom where the majority of us occupy and just about few of us I would say are fighting vigorously to get out from the pack.

Nothing of great success ever comes easy. That’s a fact. Anything could mean success to you like was pointed out in the first edition of “the pathfinders” magazine. I do not want to go into that particular detail because the success I am referring to here is nothing more than financial success. Let’s not shy away from the reality that money rules the world. Money is everything even though it can’t buy everything. So let’s make it clear, you might as well see the title of this post and replace the word success there with the word money. People will tell you different things, things like, money does not necessarily mean success. True. I can not begin to argue with anybody on whatever they choose to believe but, people who are truly rich know better that money is the real and true definition of success. If those who say success is not about money had billions of dollars in their bank accounts, I guess they will be speaking in different tones. It is only when a man is broke that he will start looking for justifiable reasons for his brokenness. People who are truly rich and successful will tell you it was never easy getting to the peak of their successor, accumulating so much wealth.

The truth is, everything we write about in our publications is all about money and success. We have a vision and that is to create the top of the mind awareness of entrepreneurship. People need to understand the importance of hard work to attain success and, realise that there is no easy way to get out of penury except hard work. The good news is, there is always an away, the only thing is, the way is not always easy. With determination and commitment, the universe will make room for you to be rewarded for your hard work. I have studied so many people, the really successful people on earth and realised that they have so many things in common and one of those things is, they believed in the concept of working hard and their acceptance of the fact that money does not come to anyone easily, made life and the accumulation of money easy for them. You might need to underline that. When you position yourself to the understanding that attaining success is not easy, it actually becomes easy for you. You don’t have to cut corners. People are still making money legitimately, globally and if others are doing it, why can’t you too do it?

This should be a very important question, one you need to ask yourself, every day. Why can’t I do it of others are doing it? The only thing that everyone on the planet has in common is time. Wasting it or using it judiciously for rewarding activities is one major fact that separates the rich from the poor. Twenty four hours is what’s allocated to everyone, equally. To live your time lavishly and stupidly is as stupid as it sounds. I believe in the concept of hard work to achieve success. As stated, a noteworthy success doesn’t come easy and it never will. You have to work hard and prepare for it. Working hard is another form of growth, maturity and wisdom because it teaches you a lot as you gain experience from doing the things you are doing. For the hundredth time, Success doesn’t come easy! You need to really and seriously work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight and determination. Work hard. Even if anyone criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and in your work and turn it into something positive. The truth is, as a person, you must never stop fighting until your dream is realized. The road to success is not easy to navigate but with hard work, drive and passion, it is absolutely possible to achieve your success and make that money you desire so much to accumulate.

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