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The purpose of our first publication on this topic which seemed off the topical is to help our readers weave the shoddy threads of their previous experiences, bad choices and negative influences leading to failures and suffering and fight their way into a rich coat of reality, turn around that will clothe their efforts with success and happiness so as to learn to win out of failures, experiences, and bad choices. Just as crime and punishment grow out of one stem, laziness and poverty grow out of one stem so does hard work and success grow out of one stem and good seeds and rewards grow out of the same stem. This should really bring home the point but let’s take a deeper look and see what we can learn.

The previous piece on this topic centered on misplaced priorities leading to a degeneration of humanity in the guise of enjoyment with no future of financial benefits. It’s all a sham. Thank God you stumbled on this piece. I will seriously advise you to visit the site and read our previous publication on this topic, follow the story and speak to your, hard truth before arriving at this junction.

You need what one of the greatest authors of all time Napoleon Hill called “Cleansing experience ” it simply says you’ve got to keep trying because out of the hardships and failures come strengths. Motivation and willpower emanate from tiny improvements resulting out of the decision to take a different turn in life. This can be the next step to place you in the highest pinnacle of success after your desire to change your life, but, you have to decide to never stop. The temptation to quit will always be there!

Following a number of, and still ongoing study i keep seeking for answers on how to deal with the many fiends that pose as friends but renders ones friendless, homeless and useless in the future if one ends up embracing the gesture which it extends in disguise. Here we try to outline some of the nemesis which cures the problems of life wastefulness. The four Ds have been tried and with a number of research, we try to simplify them for easy grasp.

  • Desire to live the life you want. I read somewhere that one of the best, first step needed to be rich is desire. First, you need that desire for a good life, wealth, financial freedom, etc. Without desire, you might not actually get what you want. Desire leads to anger as you can’t get out of your predicament when you are not angry about it. If you desire something you don’t have, you need to be angry about the fact that you don’t have it and then, do what’s necessary to get that which you desire. People who desire wealth go all out to get it. Nothing stops them. That’s how success is birthed.
  • Decide to make your life better. Take responsibility to make your life happen. Decide not to waste time indulging in trivial activities. Have a purpose, set goals and plan modalities to achieve them step by step. Determination is the key, you must be determined to follow through with your decision. It is one thing to decide to do something and another thing to do what decided to do. This is where determination comes in. Even if you start off jerkily as would, almost with certainty be the case, you need to keep faith with the end result in mind. See beyond the challenges and follow through to get your life back. But, before you do that, the decision will be to eliminate the fiend that had caused you so much pain all those years.
  • Delete all the negative past hobbies that do not add value to your life. The fiends. What is taking away is definitely replaced by something else. You must replace negatives indulgences which lead to failures to rewarding, seeming strenuous activities that will make your life glamorous. If you do not make room for the new by letting go of the past, the failures, the hardships, the challenges, the laziness, the TVs and the socials, you might not have the space to cater for the new adventure you are about to take on. In other words, deleting the past is all about unlearning what doesn’t work for you, this way you will be able to get to the next D which we recommend to get your life back.
  • Detect what will make you what you intend to be or do by yourself. Give yourself reasons to laugh and be free. When the past is taking away consciously, intentionally, then comes the new life originally designed to lead you to your destination. This is the point where you discover what life work you were destined to embark on, you discover yourself and how to make your life better. Is not too late to begin again. Is not too late to learn something new. This is the point where you begin to relearn what you have unlearned. This is the point where you act and move on with your previous Ds.

The four Ds highlighted above are only but a few, suggestions to what could make your life work. It will be seriously adviced that one does not take his life for granted and if by any chance one gets to start with the above mentioned as the process of getting one’s life back, it is highly required that one follows through to the end as it is not advisable for one to embark on a journey one cannot see to its end which will eventually lead to stagnation or, might reduce one far below the previous predicament one is trying to remedy.

Only you have what it takes to be what you wanna be. It starts with you and ends with you. You owe the world your share to make it a better place, you owe yourself everything to be the best version of yourself.

Stop wasting your time and start taking ownership of your life. You know what works for you. Now is time for you to go all out to get it.

See you there!

Hannah Fope Joseph

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