Now Is the time to get your life back!

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Just as some of our old traditions are irretrievably lost, like money already paid to a cashier that can’t be reversed or a building with a weak foundation, at the brink of collapse with no remedy of resuscitation, so your life might seem. Truly, time lost can’t be regained. And the question is what are you gonna do about it? The only time at your disposal right now is the time you have right now, reading this piece. To be mindful of dangers of wasting your time calls for immediate reparable actions required to reposition one to the direction which was the original intention of the great mind of the creator during the creation

I look back today and discover the truism of the old marching song we sang back in secondary school “take your time and work very hard for the days are rolling by”. Or, popular timeless hit by Mike Okri ” Time na Money”. I can go on and on to enlist factual benefits of timing unapologetically, hitting hard at the immoderation of the most precious gift, giving to all men by God! Majority of us are guilty of this time lavishness irrespective of the clear truth of all not having it in luxury.

We all have the same amount of time, the only difference is how we make use of the time allocated to everyone!

To waste your time is to waste your life. I can your that your scorecard in the matters of time-wasting or should I say life wasting is excellence or something we call A1.

Let’s take a brief trip to the time when we were kids. The majority would wish to revisit such period in reality but the reality of such fantasy is above a hundred percent, impossibility. Age never comes down. Time travel to me is only seen in the movies such as “Heroes” is not real, likewise the rest superpowers in the movie.

We often waste time in so many frivolous activities that enrich others. This we have hinted in our previous publications. The world today is good at helping you achieve your goal especially when you have none as not having a goal is a goal in itself. So when you have no plans or goals without any outlined modalities towards the attainment of valuable life, the world has everything in abundance to help waste your life away at your own expense.

Most times we pay good money for what destroys our lives.

The internet for example and the television programs today are flooded with negative news, shows that do not add an atom of value to our lives. The lyrical contents of our musical artists today are full of duds but, yea we like them like that and, unfortunately, the chunk part of our days are expended on these trivialities. Silly still is our time is not enough but we let go of our money too, to waste our time patronizing and glorifying rubbish.

Once upon a time, I spent three hours of my day seeing a YouTube show that didn’t really make sense to me. Note, the show took away my time and my mobile data which is equivalent to money. You see what I mean. We pay people to mess us up though, with our consent. What provoked me is when I heard one of the presenters said boldly that he doesn’t watch TV. He didn’t say it once, he reiterated it. And, I had the privilege to also rewind and listen to it again.

You don’t watch tv, and you are on tv!

Unfortunately, the producer was so dumb to have allowed such statement on the show. Does that make any sense? Not to me obviously.

It’s like selling a product you don’t use, buy or believe in. Now, how in the world did you convince me to use it when you, don’t use it? That revelation opened my eyes to the reality that, most stupid shows on tv where created to waste our time and not in any way to make our lives any better. Likewise the majority of what we see on social media today and the lyrical contents we listen to, if you take inventory of your daily activities, the time wasted on frivolities will knock you off. You will discover for yourself that you have actually allowed your life to be wallowed by others upon your request. The amount of time spent minding other people’s business could do you good if invested in reading books.

The amount of time spent watching Zee world every day, Telemundo and other reality shows like BBN just to waste more time talking about it all for the sake of it is pathetic. I saw a statement once that caught my attention and, it says that the reason why expensive cars like the Bentley, Porsche are not advertised on TV is because those who can afford them don’t waste their time watching TV.

Ever visited a vendor stand? Most bus stops in Lagos with newspaper stands have the propensity of wasting lives. You get to see people gather at the stands and argue their lives away. The energy they exert in such splurge which they begin from dawn till the point which the sun is at its peak before evening can make them millions in a year if properly utilized. And this repeats on a daily basis.

Take a trip to one of those and you will see for yourselves how destinies are been destroyed. You seldom get any dividend from such time-wasting association and in the end one gets home, frustrated. What do you expect from a gathering where corruptions, crimes, and negativities are discussed and argued, nothing more than the manifestation of such arguments in your life.

You are about to get your life back and working again. You have lost so much to keep losing and the idea is to help exterminate frivolities and engage in rewarding activities to get you to where you need to be, where you were destined to be in the first place.

I need not digress further as more than required justice has been done to call to mind the awareness, immediate, responsive to that successful future requirement, which is a must.

Stay with us as we continue on this to bring you ways and what you need to do to get your life back and working again.

Hannah Fope Joseph

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