Reasons why you should never lose hope or give up

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Igbo proverbs say, “echi di ime“. It means tomorrow is pregnant and a further saying goes that no one knows what it will give birth to. No one knows tomorrow. And, you should never worry about tomorrow. Instead, plan for tomorrow and stick to your plan then you will stand to benefit from all that tomorrow has got to offer you. A lot of people wear themselves out with worry, so many have given up why the majority have lost hope, they no longer believe in themselves and they do not believe that they will ever amount to anything or become something or someone great in life.

That’s a very wrong way to live your life. If you believe that you cannot make it in life, no problem. That belief of yours will eventually become a reality. You need to change how you think and how you see yourself and work on becoming a better you today. Reposition yourself to take advantage of what tomorrow brings because it will surely bring you good tidings and that’s for those who prepared for it. Losing hope and giving up is for losers. Those who are determined to make it fall millions of times and the more they fall the more they get back up and continue their journey. They never stop.

There is something common between winners and quitters, they both failed. Quitters failed to keep trying why winners failed to give up.

You see that failing is not entirely bad but it depends on what you are failing at. If you fail today, it means that you will become a better you tomorrow so you need to keep trying and never give up. Don’t even let it cross your mind. Don’t even think about it because when you do you might eventually give in to the temptation. When you start something first, there is no guarantee that you will succeed at that, you need to try it again to become perfect, then success will become a sure thing for you.

Dust yourself up and try again!

Brace yourself and prepare yourself for the future. It’s a difficult task and no one promised that it was going to be easy. Ease according to Denzel Washington is the greatest threat to success than hardship. No one made it in life with ease so don’t expect anything that you truly desire to come to you easily. You need to go for it if you truly desire it. You need to fight for the life that you desire.

Five or ten years from now, where do you think you will be, where do you see yourself shortly? The future we are talking about is near and as we have said in some of our publications, time waits for no one. So, where do you see yourself five years from now, are you still thinking of giving up? That’s the attitude of cowards, those who do not have the wit to fight for what’s theirs. If that’s your thought and decision, then it means you can as well be dead because the future is not meant for quitters.

The future is not meant for those who are just there to occupy spaces.

The future belongs to those who are ready and willing to break rules and make things happen. The future belongs to those who never quit. It belongs to those who got the zeal to fight life hard and come out victorious. It belongs to those who got what it takes to change the world. The future is a better place but only for those who desire to see what the future has to offer and they’ve shaped their future to what they want it to be.

What’s it gonna be for you five years from now? Ten years from now is not so far as you might think. Look into the mirror and speak to the man on the other side then you might probably get the answers you seek.

Everyone created by God has a reason why he or she was created. There is no one in this world without a purpose. Everyone has a gift and it your duty to discover yourself and in doing that you need be willing to challenge yourself and conquer your fears. Most times its fear that makes people lose hope. Fear of the unknown. The fear of what does not exist and most times this fear is self-created in our minds. Some of the things we are scared of don’t even exist.

Don’t you ever give up or lose hope because when you do you have simply given your enemies a chance to gloat at you.

The World is filled more with those who don’t want you to become successful so you have an ultimate job of proving them wrong and you can’t do that when you choose to be a quitter. Success does not come to those who quit, it only rewards those who stood and fought for what they believe in.

A lot of successful people that you see today, especially those that have changed the world with their ideas like you see in the featured image of this publication started very small and they never gave up. They stood for what they believed and fought till the end and, in the end, they were rewarded for their tenacity and devotedness.

They endured all the challenges of the beginning and created their part. Today, the world celebrates them and every day, you see that they are constantly talked about in the media and everywhere. They are reaping the reward of not giving up. But for those lots who have given up their dreams and lost hope, no one is talking about them. No one remembers them. No one knows them.

The world only knows those who made a mark to change the world and only a few people have done that. These few are those who believed in their dreams and never gave up.

You too can be among those few but only if you do not give up or lose hope. It’s all up to you.

As we said at the beginning of this publication, tomorrow is pregnant and no one knows what the child will be. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, only time will tell.

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