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The first time I heard the saying that Rome was not built in a day was from my mom. I was very young so I didn’t know what she meant by that, at the time. It took me more than a couple of years to discern that truly, Rome was not built in a day. I have forgotten the conversation and who she was speaking with on that faithful day, I can’t remember what led to that but what matters is that the message sank. I never forgot it till I heard it from a lot more people since I have grown and I have on so many occasions, read it in either books or articles. Do you believe that Rome was not built in a day? As magnificent as the city of Rome is, it’s only a lunatic that will have the thought that such a beauty could be completed in a day.

Well, that’s just a saying. Proverbs with deep meaning. It’s a simple statement with so much wisdom. Plenty of sense is inside it. My attention was drawn to this statement just now after thinking about so many vices and atrocities that people commit all for the sake of money. This topic should have been merged with the previous post, “Be patient the money will come”, that was just published recently but then, I was thinking about that publication before this thought flashed into my mind and I decided to buttress on it the more with a topic as interesting as this ” Rome was not built in a day”

Of course, you can agree with me on that and the truth is, if the city of Rome was built swiftly, it might not be as beautiful as it is. Look at me speaking like I have been to Rome before! Lol, I might have, but in the dream and I saw a beautiful, monumental city that can be encapsulated in one word, magnificent as I have earlier stated! But, let’s leave the city of Rome for a moment and concentrate on the real meaning of the topic of this post. There is so much evil that young boys and girls commit today all because of wealth.

The evil in the land is so huge that it has become a big deal to trust an average youth.

People, especially youths now go too far just to chase wealth, forgetting that wealth only accumulates gradually. Let me first break the news to you now, hey,  wealth meant for you will always arrive so you need not rush and rush into problems. People are no longer ready to wait or work legitimately. They do not understand the concept of hard work or how to accumulate wealth by being productive and entrepreneurial. All, they want to do is sit and do nothing and make all the money. This is frustration. That’s what’s leading young boys and girls into this devilish act of getting rich quick syndrome that has rendered so many of them useless.

Doing nothing and expecting something is not an applicable rule that works.

There is time for everything.

And, if you are destined to be wealthy, there is absolutely a period that you will start developing the power to create wealth.

To make money, you must give something in return that’s why you first have to develop the power to create wealth before wealth can come to you. You cannot get wealth if you do nothing to attract it. Wealth only comes to those who work for it and not to those who fold their arms and wish for it. And to those who work for it, it takes time but in the end, it will surely come. Gradually and slowly but as long as you do something about it, every day

As someone who is putting effort to make something out of this life, you need to be positive and trust the timing of everything. You need to understand that just because it’s not happening right now doesn’t mean it never will. Like one of our last publication, I say unto thee, just stay patient. Your time will come and it will come when you most desire it. Do not rush it, it might be catastrophic to do so.

People who rush everything end up making lots of mistakes and they are a very disorganized set of people.

You can not wish for wealth and rush it without doing the basics.

Hurry for money is one of the major reasons a lot of people are in deep shit. That’s a major problem that most of the world has now. People want to become wealthy but they don’t want to do what wealthy people are doing. Nobody is patient to wait for the seeds they planted to mature so they can harvest their good fruits for their pleasure. That’s why a lot of people get involved in all kinds of rituals just for money.

People like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk (I like talking about them because one day I will become one of them) yea, better believe that because I do with all my heart a hundred percent. They started slowly and humbly. They worked hard and created their part. That’s why today, they are regarded as the world’s richest men. I saw some of their pictures of days of their simple beginning and I told myself that I would never be ashamed of my journey because, to be honest, I am also having a very simple and humble beginning and I strongly believe that someday, someone will write about me.

Wealth comes gradually and, anything of significant value will take time. It will not come in a flash because of its value and the fact that it will last with you. It is only ill-gotten wealth that disappears within a twinkle of an eye due to nature from which it was amassed. The beautiful thing about waiting for your time is the process it takes for you to achieve it. The expectations, the worries, the beliefs, the work, the prayers, etc, that’s the thrill and it is fun because when the wealth finally arrives, you will look back to those days and smile, hit yourself in the chest with pride and be glad that you made it.

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best of fruits. Moliere. Let that sink.

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