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In the business world, only the strong survive. I have said so many things about fighting for what you need in a number of my posts, yeah, I have and I will continue to remind you that to create something beautiful for your future, it is in your hands to start making things happen right from where you are. Remember when I did a post about the difference between the rich and the poor? That was last year’s post, I can remember some of the points raised there but one thing I can tell you is that the rich always see opportunity where the poor see nothing but challenges.

They do everything possible to create and sustain their businesses to become a fortress that they can leave for their children. Now am talking about rich people here. The poor do everything possible to give you millions of excuses why they cannot start their businesses. They always wait for the right or should I say perfect time to begin. The thing they fail to realize is that when it comes to starting a business, there is no perfect time to begin. There is no good time. You only have terrible periods and if you are not strong just like the majority of poor people, you will not do anything.

Building a business requires so much. Most especially, your discipline is one of the key determinants if you will ever start or not, or even see to it that the business grows into a multinational brand. A lot of businesses died even before they began. There are thousands of multinational brands that never saw the light of the day just because those who should’ve been the pioneers failed to do what needed to be done to set the ball rolling.

They spent most of their time looking for and giving excuses, waiting for the perfect time, when everything is handed to them on a platter. This is why we have more poor people than rich people and is even more annoying that every one human created by God has the same opportunity to become either rich or poor, it’s all a matter of choice.

What do you want? What’s your decision concerning that dream business of yours that God has given to you to birth? The conception of having a business is a gift from God, what you need to do is make it a reality and nurture but one thing people don’t know is that when God gives you a goal to pursue, he makes everything you need to pursue that goal available for you but you simply need to take a bold step before that starts happening. And, in most cases, this is where we get it wrong, the fear of failing just because the coast is not cleared yet has stopped most people from making the most important move of their lives.

We are in a world where everything we do today requires commitment and most times we are faced with difficulties to even start, thus giving up or quitting becomes a major prerogative. This is when the problem seems enticing and, like it is the only way out of what’s a life-changing dream that could shape the earth as most of the things that have achieved such feats were also started by humans like you and I. So what are you waiting for?

Laziness and excuses are siblings from the same womb. It is only a person enclosed in laziness that finds giving excuses as an easy thing to do. Look at every person out there that failed to make it in life, the ninety-eight percent of the population of the poor, majority of them have a lot in common, check very well, that common factor that they possess is called laziness.

Some people have become so comfortable giving excuses that it is now embedded in them. Everything they did was done in their mind and their excuses were to keep the dreams from manifesting. They were gonna do it but in the end, they didn’t do it. That’s always the story. If you inquire for the reason they would give you more than a million reasons why it was never done and why it will still not be done. That’s the life of people who are not ready to make their lives count. People who give excuses never achieve anything. There the only achievement is the number of excuses they have given in the course of their lives and they are hell meant to increase the number except if something miraculous happens to change their way of thoughts.

I have lived in the world of those who love giving excuses and the time, I was enjoying the freedom I thought I had without realizing that I was simply mortgaging my future just for the getting and immediate benefits I thought I was getting. This happened for many years. One thing about giving excuses is, asides from the fact that it is a family of laziness, it also attracts procrastination. You must remember that procrastination is another enemy that needs to be eradicated from your life and how can you achieve that when you keep giving excuses?

If you give excuses about everything, you also find excuses that will complement you not working on eradicating procrastination and other vices from your life. Giving excuses is your enemy and it is depriving you of so many things among which is the fact that the more you give excuses the more you put your future in jeopardy.

Step up your game today and decide to not give any excuses again, it will make you a better person and create your opportunities of becoming rich in the future. It is in your hands to make your life work and it is also in your hands to decide the kind of life you want to live but first, the most important decision that stands in your way right now is the decision to stop making excuses for your failures. Be real and tell yourself the truth that from today go on, you will try as much a possible to quit giving excuses, then success will certainly become a possibility for you.

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