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I wrote an article previously titled, “it is time to wake up” there we advised that, everyone needs to more be intentional and apt in recognizing their lives and that and that success only comes to those who work hard for it. Obviously, those who aren’t sleeping away their future.

Sleep becomes sweeter the moment you are about to wake up.

I want to encourage our youths and give them every reason, bringing to their consciousness reasons why they need to reorganize their lives and in order to do that, you have to first wake up from your slumber as the article stated.

Now you know what needs to be done. You are ready to get your life working. As we all know, no one but you has the master key to open up the doors of your success. If you truly want to be successful, this is where it all begins.

You have thought deeply about your next plan

Now you want to do something about your life. Your nights always seem dull. You feel weak before retiring for the night. On this very day, you are truly ready to make a change. You have managed to read books and listened to tapes which reiterated the importance of awakening the giant in you.

You told yourself, is high time I woke up. Now there is a desire, a burning one inside of you. One, urging you that the life you are living is amounting to nothing but a waste if you continue in the path you are trading.

It’s your duty and no one else to deliver yourself. As usually, you set out for the night. Weak, the day’s job and activities, frivolous as they were hindered your achievement. You never planned for success after all.

Nothing absolutely happens without planning. To be successful, you have to first plan to wake up from your slumber.

Having taken that decision, there is this heavy block awaiting your progress a step of the way. That early morning sleep.

Ok, let’s face it. How do you conquer their, how do you wake up and start your day on a right footing? How do you begin by winning the morning?

The last tape you listened to stated the importance of winning the morning if you want to conquer your day. Now you want to give it a try.

You have aroused a desire in you. This is not the time to slack. What needs to be done must be done. You are ready. Determined. You have said to yourself. I will make it, I will do this, I will do that.

Upon the Morrow, you will commence the process. After all the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. You’ve got to start somewhere.

You set the alarm. You had booked an appointment for the morrow. An early morning appointment which was going to aid your personal growth towards success. The appointment that would change your life.

The anticipation was great. The urge was there. Of course, the previous night had seen your desire to start, anew.

Now, here you are deep in the dreamland. Nature usually present a greater task as you make your progress in life. The easiest thing to do in life is to do nothing. You’ve set your alarm. 5 am is the time.

Don’t forget the heavy traffic jam usually experienced in the part of the world where you live. To get to your appointment on time, for example, you need to leave home early. Ok, let’s say it wasn’t for an appointment but you still need to wake up early to do something about your life. It’s all the same.

This is the part where sleep becomes the sweetest. That period before dawn. Now I guess it seems like climbing a mountain.

You are dreaming about the best dream of your life. The fantasy of winning a hundred million Naira lottery clouded your mind. The world of fantasy is so bad that you might waste your entire life in it achieving nothing but fantasizing about unrealistic things.

This is a place where you are stuck in, you don’t want to get out of this place. Why relishing the joy your dream brings still in your slumber the very nemesis of that dream, beeps. It was loud. The alarm sounds. Oh no, come on not now you said to yourself.

You reach for it, you grabbed it and immediately you gave in to the temptation and the next thing is, “you hit the snooze button” the only enemy to your success, to you having a great day is what you had just embraced without knowing.

The snooze button becomes the saving grace! You hit it once, twice and as you are doing it you are telling yourself, I probably need a little more time before I get up. Come on there is no time.

There is no time to waste, the time available isn’t even enough for you. You have been wasting the past twenty, maybe thirty or forty years of your life living the same life, every day. Living in fantasy, in the hope of a great future without working and preparing for it.

What you just did is taking many steps backward. You failed yourself. The moment you hit that snooze button once, I guarantee you, you are going to hit it twenty more times before sunrise. You just gave in to the biggest threat to your future.

Now, you are awake after your battery had probably gone down and you realized it was morning and already past 9 am. Frustration definitely will set in. The morning turned out to be one of those mornings you arose, looking sick. It’s your fault. You had the opportunity to make it right once in your life but you gave in to the temptation of frivolous fantasy.

The moment you step out from your bed you will realize you just made the biggest fool of yourself. The day is already a bad one and you’re already defeated, you know why. You hit the snooze button.

Now you just woke up sad, realized that the fantasy in your dream was all nothing but a farce of your true self.

Terribly, upon the morning the next day, you will still do the same thing. Are you going to hit the snooze button??

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