Stop talking and start doing!

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Talk less, do more!

The propensity to talk so much about what we intend to do and how we intend to go about it is in every one of us. Humans like to talk and talk but in the end, those who say too much do too little. Success does not come to you because you spoke about it, success only comes to those who worked their ass out to achieve it. Everyone has got something, a gift that is been deposited in all by the almighty. Say, everyone got a talent. But is talent enough? John Maxwell may have given us the answer to that question in one of his famous books, “talent is not enough”.

Some people don’t believe in talent. Some say talent sucks. Yea, I have seen a lot of talented people waste away just because of their talent. They thought their talent was the only prerequisite for success and they depended so much on it without doing any other thing to harness and become a better version of themselves. These set of people are everywhere. What talent does to you in most cases if you are not careful is that it makes you lazy. And, the saying that no food for a lazy man means you will have nothing to eat if you can not work. Despite your talent, work is more important.

Do more than talk about your dream, work it.

You have a dream, I have a team, we all have a dream. You put your dream to action and practice everything necessary to make your dream a reality and I on the other hand spend most of my time talking and telling people what kind of dream that I have and how I intend to make it big in the business world. Let me ask you, who do you think will eventually become successful, it is the man who worked his dream into reality. Isn’t it obvious?

Why I spoke about talented people earlier is because I have seen a lot of them waste away. I know a great footballer today who never made it professionally. He’s so talented that when he’s out and ready to play, people leave whatever they are doing just to come to see him play. Unfortunately, today, he can barely feed himself. He didn’t take his talent seriously, he didn’t put in the amount of work required to make it work. I guess he probably thought, hey, yeah, I am talented, I am a good football player, better than the best of the bests out there, one day I shall make it big in football.

Such thought and many more could have crossed his mind and of course, this man in question was good and people praised him for his talent but the problem here is, that voice in your head that’s constantly telling you that you have got talent and one day you shall make it big, does it also tell you that to be able to make it big you have to make a lot of sacrifices?


All of the great people that I know and have read about are hard-working people. It is better to be a hardworking person than a talented person in my estimation. Ask me today, hey, Elem, what’s your talent, the truth is, I don’t even know. I have been confused about this for so many years, searching and trying to discover what my main talent is but I guess, I am just someone who knows how to do a bit of everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a hard worker. My confusion has always been where exactly to channel my concentration into. I have done so many things and I am still doing a lot more but I have not made it big as I should. I guess is because I have many options, plans and I have not concentrated on the one thing that I should put all my focus on.

I have plan A, B, C, D, E, F, etc. You see, these plans suck. Plan B sucks. Plan B will make you not to concentrate on your major plan A and that will affect you so much. Let’s not start this discussion here now because we will discuss it fully in a future publication.

You need to focus on your strength and put conscious effort to work on yourself intentionally. You need to do more and talk less. People who talk too much rarely get anything done. They dwell so much talking about what they would do than actually doing it that is why you see that a lot of them end up achieving nothing. They are everywhere, all around you, you see them. They paint a beautiful picture and in the end, nothing comes out of it.

Go to major newspaper stands in almost all the bid stops in Lagos, Nigeria for example, you will see some certain people there arguing and talking about matters that do not concern them. The majority of them stay there from morning till evening, arguing and discussing the lives of those who are doing things for themselves. For example, you see them arguing about who a better player between Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is. Tell me how such an argument could be beneficial to anyone or put food on your table.

You see, that’s the life of poor people, they spend most of their time arguing about the lives and achievements of successful people while the successful people they argue about, spend most of their time working so hard to be more successful.

When you spend less time trying to tell people what you are about to do and spend more time doing what you are meant to be doing, you will realize that the only thing that separates the rich from the poor is the ability to be intentional, discipline and hard work. It is not rocket science.

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do! Henry Ford

People who talk less do more and people who work more are those who eventually become successful in their craft.

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