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There are different kinds of human beings on the planet of earth. Some enjoy suffering all because they view a simple normal way of life as a luxury. Some people want to get on with everything trendy whether or not they can afford it, they just want nothing else but luxury. Some are sitting on the fence, they are neither here nor there while some simply live their lives just to please others or, everything they do is as a result of what they see other people doing.

Do you think it is necessary to normalize luxury in your life or not? What’s a luxury to even begin with? Let’s take a trip to the school of Google and find out exactly how they see what luxury truly means. It says that it is a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. From a personal view, I think a lot of people do not understand this definition and what it truly means. Let’s pause here for a moment, let me ask you another important question. I had to start with luxury so we can fully comprehend the essence of this piece.

Why do people seem to enjoy suffering? Is suffering an achievement? You see a lot of poor people think that by suffering they are doing themselves good. They think they are saving money by denying themselves the little good spices of life. Suffering is not an achievement. Of course, you can’t that to a staunch churchgoer. You see them. Most of them who go to church every day, trek a distance because they do not have transport fare and they give all they have to the church and trek back home all in the name of suffering. Go to some church facilities and see a mass of people in the church every day of the week, now tell me, how will this person ever get rich.

When God promised to make us rich he said “I will bless the work of your hand” which means you must be doing something and not sleeping in church. You must be working and that work of your hand is what your father in heaven will bless. Before they come for me, let’s quickly leave this story of churches but the truth is, a lot of poor people have been brainwashed, that’s why you see the majority of them going to church every day yet they learn nothing. Yes, i said so because it in their midst that you witness a lot of demonic vices, the hatred which they harbor in their hearts for fellow humans is so much that one begins to wonder if they are truly Christians who go to church seven days of the week.

This set of people enjoy suffering themselves so much and they showcase it on their faces for the world to see. They believe that the only way to make heaven is by suffering. Luxury seems like a big deal for them. Not just luxury, to even feast themselves on little things of life is such a big deal. Luxury doesn’t mean you have all the money in the world, just take care of yourself with the little you have. I hope this sinks in because it is difficult to convince a mind that does not want to think or reason.

Let me state it quite clearly here, Comfort is not luxury, as a human, no one is created to suffer so you need to try as much as you can to live your life comfortably. Though we live in a country that has made us see comfort as a crime against hustle but truly, it is not.
The missing thing here i guess is contentment and i must add satisfaction. If only you can normalize those two in your life you will see a lot of changes. Now let me tell you again a very bitter truth, luxury doesn’t mean you won’t suffer. I read somewhere that it is even worse when you have it all but you are still sad because you’re not contented with what you have. Do you see why i said it is necessary to normalize contentment and satisfaction in your life?

Now don’t get confused and don’t get me wrong, contentment and satisfaction simply mean you just have to find a way to enjoy what you have and don’t go doing what you cannot afford all in the name of luxury. Don’t blow your seed or investment in the name of normalizing luxury. You need to grow, then enjoy the fruits of your labor. That’s the way it should be but at the point when you are trying to grow you can kill yourself or fall ill, suffering for the sake of planting your seeds, if you die in the process what then happens to what you have worked for? That’s working for others to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

I am not encouraging or saying that you go stealing just to be rich. Wealth is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to have especially those willing and determined to have it. Wealth is not vice just as poverty isn’t a virtue. So you need to decide on which you want in your life.

Since suffering is not an achievement, sometimes, Suffering can pave the road to luxury and on the other hand, excess luxury can lead you back to suffering. This happens when there is no proper planning. You need to be wise and maintain a healthy balance of both suffering and luxury.

Suffering can kill you just as much as excess luxury can because human wants can never be satisfied and they change from time to time and you need to be disciplined in dealing with them because, when you satisfy one luxury, another higher luxury will always pop up and in the end, this can make you very unhappy. This is the more reason why confinement and satisfaction are the words for you. You need to go for things that make sense to you that give you the satisfaction that you truly need.

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